Writer-vation: Storyteller or Self-Therapist

I’ve been shy all my life. Call it a complex. Call it being an only child and never really adjusting to the world as a child. Call it not really wanting to ‘deal’ with people. Call it whatever you please. Just don’t call me anti-social. Yes I know I can be an oxymoron. I never said I was ‘normal’.

Enter writing and he freedom to be expressive and over the top about any and everything. When I started writing, it was for therapy. I figured out at an early age that writing wasn’t something to fear. Writing served as a way for me to release every emotion I felt on any particular day. Writing saved my life when I thought life wasn’t worth living. Writing allowed my mind and heart talk at the same time without reenacting the American Revolution. lmao cuz there is a part of me that’s a bloody redcoat

As I grew older, I discovered that my writing could perhaps lead to a career in which I’d get PAID to write and be expressive. Score one for writing!! Of course, I also quickly discovered that in order to have a successful career as a writer I’d have to be fresh, innovative and different. All of which I am and can be but in bursts. Did I mention I would love to be a sports writer that covers CFB, CBB or the NFL? I can talk a good game but I fear sometimes editors look at me and see everything but a sports writer. The dream is still alive, I just have to work harder at it.

Enter the idea to start a blog. There’s something truly enriching and therapeutic about writing a blog because I can write whatever I please. I don’t have to feel limited to one genre of writing or even particular topic. my mind is so scatterbrained I’m not sure I could stay on topic anyway. I can be the foul mouthed girl who isn’t ashamed to speak her mind. wait I’m like that offline too I may not be on the New York Bestseller list but I am a ‘published’ writer which is what I have wanted for a very long time now.

The jury is still out on whether this is therapy or storytelling. I’m not good at fictional writing but doesn’t mean I don’t have a story to tell. It doesn’t mean that my story isn’t less relevant than the next blogger, fiction writer or journalist. I strongly believe God gave me this talent so that I can do something great with my writing even though I’m not sure what that exactly entails.

I suppose my point is that we [creative types] have a unique to us story to tell that we owe to John and Jane Q Public to share. We each have our own unique way of expressing our ideas and ambitions as well as ways to manipulate words in such a way that draw and keep readers wanting more. To be inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. To be funny, sad and angry all in one blog post, poem, chapter, book or movie. To influence and move a reader into social action please no violence. We don’t live in a cop free society. To promote thought and expression in today’s youth who are constantly connected to their electronic devices.

How will you use your creative talent? What will be your plan of action to inspire the next generation of creative minded individuals?

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

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