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Photo 101 Day 13: We’ve Gotta Runner Folks! 

Little man on the run!

This is my nephew Cai. We call him Speedy Gonzalez because for 20 months the little ankle biter is FAST! He can last longer than the Energizer Bunny. We take him regularly for walks up and down our street. We just let him run. It’s not easy to keep up with him because he just goes everywhere. I don’t even think he gets tired. His older brother will ride his bike while me and his other Auntie walk along side. As soon as we think Cai will slow down to stop for a minute, he just starts running again. Da hell man! Ugh! I be so tired when we’re done “walking” him.

The above picture was taken on Super Bowl Sunday with my Sony a5000. Isn’t he just the cutest in his older brother’s JJ Watt jersey? I’m not sure exactly how I got this shot because Cai was a tiny package of energy that probably would’ve gone for another five hours without stopping. Shake my head oh to be that age again and without a care in the world.

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The Southern Yankee

Photo 101 Day 10: In the Shadows 

image image

It was a cool afternoon in January. I promised my nephew that if he helped me take pictures then I’d break out my new Lego set don’t judge me and play with him. It wasn’t really a hard sale since I have over 2500 Lego pieces. stop judging me Plus, he told me once that he wanted to be an architect which of course made me so incredibly happy.

So we took to the front yard. Just me, mi papito and my Sony a5000. We took pictures of the dogs, the neighbor’s horse and mule and random clouds in the sky. We must have spent an hour and a half outside before I captured above pictures. Don’t ask me what he’s doing because I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

He says he was doing yoga!

I thought he was doing Kung Fu.

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting
Those kicks were fast as lightning

In fact, it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing

Sorry, I don’t normally break out in song but I thought it was fitting.


I really love the fact that I was able to capture the texture of the rocks and gravel in the carport. But what I love most about these pictures is that my nephew thought they were cool. Sometimes it isn’t the result that makes a picture great but the process it takes to get said results.

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The Southern Yankee


Photo 101 Day 6: From Point A to Point B



As I was driving into Stepford this morning, I almost drove myself crazy trying to figure out what to photograph for today’s assignment. The weather has been absolutely hideous since yesterday so I really didn’t think I would be able to take anything worth posting about. But as I was driving over Woodlands Parkway, I thought about taking a picture of the cars in front of me as we all crossed over Interstate 45. I attempted and failed since it was raining so hard this morning. Plus, ProCam2 does not allow me to use the volume buttons on my iPhone to snap pictures so that contributed to my inability to get the shot.

But then I stumbled across this shot. I picked up a cup of coffee and a bagel over by the mall and remembered the above bridge, which goes over the waterway next to the mall.

I had to wait about an hour and a half until “sunrise” before I could actually get a good shot at the bridge. I like this picture but I don’t likey so much on my computer screen. It looks way better on my Sony a5000 and iPad. The blueish purple tint isn’t as prevalent as it is here. I also wish I could have clearly captured the million and one birds sitting off center on top of the bridge. I plan to photograph this bridge again when the weather is a bit “friendlier.”

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The Southern Yankee