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Day 24: A Song that You Have Danced to With Your Best Friend

You know my girl now?

You know my girl just called me up
And she woke me from my sleep
You should have heard the things she said
You know she hurt my feelings deep

I’m gonna buy me a dog
A dog? A dog
Why? Why?
‘Cause I need a friend now
Babe, you need all the friends
You can get, I’m tellin’ you
I’m gonna buy me a dog
My girl, my girl, don’t love me no how

Don’t ruin my song man
It’s the only song I have
It was ruined when it was wrote
Uh, where’s the verse?

By The Monkees


My sister Cheri and I have had many MANY songs that we have happily put a song and dance act to over the years. Most times we were drunk while putting on such performances but other times we were completely sober and having a field day being as stoooopid as possible. Gonna Buy Me a Dog is one of those songs that warrants all kinds of childish behavior without explanation or justification of soberness. Anyway… this song reminds me of all the crazy spontaneous adventures my sister and I would have when we were younger. After soooooo many years no I’m not exactly sure of the number of years I’ve known her I’m so very thankful to still have her in my life. She is the absolute bestest!

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The Southern Yankee

Day 15: A Song You Love Singing Along To

I sing because I’m happy

I sing because I’m free

His eye is on the sparrow

Sung by Lauryn Hill and Tanya Blount

While there are probably more than a couple of dozen versions of this song, my favorite version is from the Sister 2: Back In The Habit Soundtrack. I love the harmonies as well as the rise and falls of the voices of Lauryn Hill and Tanya Blount. Every time I hear it play on my iPod, it takes me back to when my cousins and I used to sing in church every Sunday. We were known as “The Trio”. Every damn Sunday we had to sing at the request of our then pastor Rev. Cones. I can’t say that I disliked singing with my cousins because we actually sang really well together. But at the same time, it felt like a chore instead of it being something fun or something we actually enjoyed together. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days. When things were simple and not so “adult” like.

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The Southern Yankee

Day 10: A Song By Your Favorite Band

Since the type of music I listen to depends on my mood, I cannot honestly say I have a favorite band even though I have a very short list of artists who will always be in my iPod. This list is in no particular order.

Please feel free to share your favorites in the comment section.

1. Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott

2. Ludacris

3. The Monkees

4. George Gershwin

5. Israel Houghton

6. Kirk Franklin

7. No Doubt

8. Justin Timberlake

9. Janet Jackson

10. Michael Jackson

11. Green Day

12. P!nk


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The Southern Yankee

Day 4: A Song that Calms You Down

It’s Not Over,

It’s Not Finished It’s Not Ending,

It’s Only The Beginning When God Is In It,

All Things Are New All Things Are New

I’ve been through a lot in my relatively short life time. I’m thankful that I have not gone through as much bullshit as the citizens of Newton, Boston or Northeasterners during Hurricane Sandy have in the recent months. Emotionally my life has been one bad roller coaster after another. I could list everything I have been through in my 34 years on this beautiful world I call home but I have learned that dwelling on the things that has hurt me or kicked me in the side doesn’t make me feel better about those events and/or moments in my life. Nor does dwelling help my future. I learned recently that so as long as God is in my life, I will be okay. I have learned that “It’s Not Over”. “It” stands for everything and anything possible which is why I chose Israel Houghton’s song “It’s Not Over” as the song that calms me down. When I hear it, I remember that nothing in this world is ever so bad that I need to constantly feel sorry and miserable about my life and the state it is in currently.

I’m not trying to preach or covert anyone over to Christianity because I honestly believe everyone has the right to find and get to know God in his or her own way. However if you ever find yourself in bind… in a situation you feel you can’t possibly get out of…

Look To The Sky, Help Is On The Way

It’s Not Over, It’s Not Finished

It’s Not Ending, It’s Only The Beginning

When God Is In It, All Things Are New

All Things Are New


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The Southern Yankee