It’s Complicated…

Life is a complicated and finicky series of events that no one really expects to get through sanely. Through this complex journey of life or shall I say messed up multiple personality rollercoaster of a life, I’ve discovered that writing allows me to cope with the “hand” I’ve been dealt. Lawd knows it has saved me on more than one occasion at different points of my life. I also write because I’m a foul-mouthed mean-spirited borracha who can’t afford to go to a therapist and this is my way of saving the world from me, myself and my violent alter egos.

It Was Never About Me is an account of my journey through life coupled with random bouts of ranting and incoherent attempts at sounding mildly sane.  you’ve been warned!

Disclaimer: This blog will be at times rude, abrupt, vulgar and in your face. The author advises if anyone has been or feels offended at anytime then she has served her purpose and will not apologize for anything.