Day 27: What If You Were Pregnant, What Would You Do?

My apologies my dear readers for taking waaaaaay longer than needed to publish this post or any post for that matter. The truth is the nature of this post is more emotional than I care to admit.

Seeing as my first pregnancy was not only a horrible roller coaster full of ups and downs twists and turns but full of emotion and heartache. I cannot even express how absolutely unhinged I was the summer of 2000. How completely lost and nervously of what could and would happen next. I can only hope that if I were to become pregnant again I would be the happiest woman alive.

Not that I would be any different than any less excited than any other woman wanting a child but I would definitely be a bit more appreciative of God’s gift to me. I definitely would feel more comfortable with the many unexpected moments and would do my best to do right by him or her.

During my first pregnancy, I wasn’t in my “right mind”. I didn’t think that ‘I’ could do it by ‘my’self when in actuality I wasn’t at all going to be by myself. I had a ‘family’ that was willing to take care of me and my baby. People who would have done almost anything for me. Of course that was then and this is now. My life and the people I call family have changed somewhat. I’ve grown up a bit and gained some much needed confidence in myself and my ability to do anything and everything my heart desires, including be a wonderful mother to a healthy baby girl or boy or both. twins would be so much better that way I’m preggers once!

So here are some things I would do if I were pregnant:
1. Join a yoga class for pregnant women – I think this would be really relaxing and probably very therapeutic.

2. Take a Lamaze class – I’ve seen women take these classes on TV but I really don’t know if they actually work.

3. Walk everyday – during my first pregnancy I walked almost everywhere. Some of my friends were jealous because I was literally all baby. My legs were toned and fit from walking so much. I actually weigh more now than I did then.

4. Catch up on some reading – I think I read three or four books during my first pregnancy. It was so damn hot that summer I had nothing else better to do.

5. Chronicle my pregnancy – I don’t have any pictures or anything from when I was pregnant the first time. I would start a scrapbook both online and hard copy. I’m not going to say ill have a lot of time but I will certainly try to make time.

6. Take professional maternity pictures – I have seen a lot of celebrities do this and have always thought they were so nice especially when they’re done right. I would want to take black and white photos though. Or B&W with specks of color.

7. Go on a healthy eating kick – okay so I did this automatically when I was pregnant with my daughter. I didn’t crave the unusual combinations or foods I didn’t eat regularly. I wanted fruits and vegetables. I think my one weakness was Chick Fil A chicken biscuits. Other than that I was a normal person. LOL

8. Design the baby’s room – of course this would depend on where I am living but I would love for the room to be very gender neutral. Dark brown would be the base color and I would have colorful accents around the room. Of course I love the idea of having a Peanuts theme or a Winne the Pooh or maybe a comic theme. yes I’m that type of gal. My sisters hate it though LOL

9. Play music all the time – I love to sing and dance to various types of music. From classical to gospel to Neo Soul to Latin to jazz to hip hop. I used to play Gershwin, Bach and Beethoven for my daughter when I was pregnant with her. Music is such a vital part of my life that he or she would have no choice but to join the fun.

So there’s the short long list of what I would do if I were pregnant. I’m pretty sure I would and will do more but for now I think that’s enough. I’m open to any suggestions anyone may have. I’m determined to not make the pregnancy not about me and my feelings but about providing a life full of love and encouragement for my child(ren) and being the best mom I could possibly be.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

One thought on “Day 27: What If You Were Pregnant, What Would You Do?”

  1. I think your list is simply wonderful and you’d be an outstanding mother. The black and white photos are a must… they are gorgeous and timeless.


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