Photo 101 Day 6: From Point A to Point B



As I was driving into Stepford this morning, I almost drove myself crazy trying to figure out what to photograph for today’s assignment. The weather has been absolutely hideous since yesterday so I really didn’t think I would be able to take anything worth posting about. But as I was driving over Woodlands Parkway, I thought about taking a picture of the cars in front of me as we all crossed over Interstate 45. I attempted and failed since it was raining so hard this morning. Plus, ProCam2 does not allow me to use the volume buttons on my iPhone to snap pictures so that contributed to my inability to get the shot.

But then I stumbled across this shot. I picked up a cup of coffee and a bagel over by the mall and remembered the above bridge, which goes over the waterway next to the mall.

I had to wait about an hour and a half until “sunrise” before I could actually get a good shot at the bridge. I like this picture but I don’t likey so much on my computer screen. It looks way better on my Sony a5000 and iPad. The blueish purple tint isn’t as prevalent as it is here. I also wish I could have clearly captured the million and one birds sitting off center on top of the bridge. I plan to photograph this bridge again when the weather is a bit “friendlier.”

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The Southern Yankee



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