Let’s Do the “Hustle”


What do you think of when you see or hear the word hustle? Perhaps one thinks of a crime or heist. Or perhaps the song and dance made popular in the 1970s by Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony. Or perhaps the alternative to the words and phrases hurry up, get going, go faster, rapidly, etc.

In this case hustle doesn’t mean any of those things.

The hustle I speak of is a “side hustle”. A side hustle is a part time job that supplements your regular 8 to 5 40-hour/week full time job. This doesn’t necessary pay all the bills but it does help. Now please do not think that this is something illegal or sketchy. Well for some a side hustle very well may be illegal and/or sketchy but that is NOT the purpose of this posting. I do not support any illegal or sketchy business tactics. Moving on..

A side hustle can be anything and/or everything a person desires it to be. It is that job that a person can have to earn extra money for vacations, school, bills, gas, etc.

The key thing to remember about side hustles is that it must be something that takes minimal effort. Working hard and taking opportunities for overtime is not allowed when one has a side hustle. The side hustle works for you not the other way around.

For example, let’s examine the reasoning why some writers blog. Most writers blog not only because they have something valid, informative or entertaining to say but because blogging can be pretty lucrative if the writer has an extensive readership and/or following (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. included). Blogging can (and probably has) lead to other writer related employment opportunities or even become a mainstream website.

So how does one start a side hustle? Take a moment and really think about what interests you when you’re not working, studying, spending time with family, etc. Think about all the things you have done in your life that has warranted such phrases like “you could really make money if you…” Think about your hidden talents that you do completely for fun that could earn you money later on. Think about your favorite eateries or stores (i,e, Starbucks, Half Price Books, Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Panera Bread, etc) that you wouldn’t mind working part time on the weekends or the evenings. Choose something that would not cause an excessive about stress. Something you could easily walk away from if you grew tired of it later. The sky is the limit really.

If none of the above works, Google search “side hustle ideas”; which by the way will return at least ten pages worth of websites and blogs that speak on this very topic.

If all else fails, get the family involved in the side hustle. Everything we use, eat or drink came from one person who thought it would be a great idea to market to friends, family and eventually the world. What will your side hustle be? And how will you use it to change your world or even the world around you?

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