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Wednesday Writer-vation: Writing Tips


As usual, I was surfing Pinterest and I came across the above infographic about writing. While these are great tips, I’d like offer some additional tips from my own personal vault.

#11: Get Outta Ya Head
I often tell people that I tend to get my head too much about writing; meaning I make writing much more difficult that it really needs to be. Writing shouldn’t be such a dern process. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself and just write for the sake of writing. It isn’t like we writers don’t have enough to say but because we tend to overly stress about our writing we just don’t say enough. did you catch all of that

#12: Find the Write Place
I am not one of those writers who needs to have a quiet place to write nor do I have to be in the same place at a certain time. More often than not I will just go to “the dealer” i.e. Starbucks to write before work. I suppose the smell of coffee brewing and the hustle and bustle of people filling up on their crack fixes sorta inspires me to write. Of course, perhaps the coffeehouse atmosphere is too noisy for some. That’s perfectly fine. The point is to find a place that works for you and your writing.

#13: Be Honest
As the old saying goes, “honesty is the best policy”. Stay true to writer self. Don’t let anyone deter you from being the writer YOU know yourself to be. Often times, I feel as if I censor myself for the sake of someone else’s feelings and/or interpretations of my writing. And for what? To appease someone those who have no idea what or how I’m feeling right here right now? I. Don’t. Think. SO!

#14: Create a Pen Name
We all have an alter ego. I think as a writer it is almost required to be several people at once because it makes a story that much more interesting. Plus having a pen name allows a writer to venture into another genre without tarnishing his or her already established published name.

#15: Have a Sounding Board
Every writer needs a person who will proofread and be critical of his or her work without any sort of malice felt. Take for example my sister, Phoenix, who is a regular reader of my blog. She knows I just write to write and really don’t more like can’t proofread my posts. When I wrote last week’s Writer-vation piece, I made some obvious errors that were not so apparent to me. Without missing a beat, she sent me a message saying “hey did you mean this? And what about that? Oh yeah this too.” And of course after re-reading my post, I was like *face palm* and *fried egg on ma face* and corrected my errors. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes and/or ears are good for a writer’s soul.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee