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The Adventures of Daredevil and Gemini

Today is a very exciting day for me. Well prolly more so for the two young ladies in my featured image than for me. But I’m excited nonetheless!

Today ladies and gentlemen, my APO littles, Daredevil and Gemini, make their return to the states from a semester long, 18 country 16 city study abroad adventure. They left me…. I mean they left the states on August 20th to fly to London which is where their adventure began. From there, they set off to divide and conquer THE WORLDinsert pinky and the brain cartoon theme song here

Throughout their journey, I have slightly been a nervous wreck. Yaaaaaaas slightly! I won’t tell you how worried I really was because one of them reads my blog. LOL I can already see her laughing and shaking her head at me which they both do quite frequently. They’ll say laughing “oh big.” To which I’ll reply in my big tone I cannot help myself.

It’s true! I worry about all my littles actually. I’ve lost touch with a few of them but doesn’t mean I don’t think about them often. But like most things, that’s for a different more drunken beyond emotional roller coaster breakdown type of post. trust me I’m saving your liver

Daredevil just messaged me about 40 minutes ago to say she’s in America!! I haven’t heard from Gemini yet. When she emailed last night, she mentioned not having a phone which worries me but she said she’d have one once she’s home so I will be impatiently waiting to hear from her.

I’m so dern happy about my babies yaaaas I call them my babies being stateside. It feels like they’ve been away for longer than four months. I wonder how much they’ve grown mentally and emotionally. If people think going to college does things to a person, I can only imagine what being on a ship for that long would do. I’m fairly certain both have changed quite a bit but hopefully they haven’t changed so much that “home” doesn’t quite seem like “home.”


They fly out tomorrow morning for Texas and both are so incredibly excited to be back. Daredevil’s boyfriend is prolly more excited than I am to have her back in the city. I’m fairly certain that he might just sequester her for a while more like a week or three lol which is cute and understandable. So I will be patient.

Well, if you read this girls, have safe travels and please be careful. ❤ big

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

Game Day

Today, boo, my homegurl and I went to the Baylor vs Texas Tech game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Lemme tell you not only does that damn stadium look massive on the outside but it looks even more massive on the inside. The House that Jerry Jones Built is a gargantuan building. See look for yourself!!



Being that I’m a Texans fan, I have to say that shit is impressive!! Like I can even front or hate. Jerry’s World is an a ma zing building. And that display screen!!!!! My gawd that has to be the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. hahahaha that’s what she said. Sorry mind in gutta. Like this screen is… It’s… Lawd have mercy. I know e’ry damn thang in Texas is bigger but that screen!!! Ugh loooooook at it!!!


That mess is… I’m speechless. I have no words whatsoever about that screen. Um um um my lawd!

Okay sorry moving away from the screen now because obviously I could easily go on and on about that damn screen.

Aside from gawking at AT&T Stadium, it was a great day. We literally sat in the nosebleeds and lemme tell you those seats were the most uncomfortable seats I’ve ever sat in. I was okay for the first and second quarter but then my legs started to hurt beyond what I could usually tolerate. There just wasn’t enough room to stretch out. I think Boo is right if we do this again we will definitely have to splurge for better seats or at least seats that do not require to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Such a ratchetly long hike. R A T C H E T!!

The good news is Baylor won. The bad news is the QB for Texas Tech is a baaaaaaaaaaad man! First of all, he’s a freshman. Secondly, that kid threw for more than 500 yards today. Thirdly, he can schlang da rock like its a piece of paper. I dunno where Kliff Klingsbury found that kid but he best keep him around all four years because he’s going to be Tech’s ticket to greatness!

Now I know I’m praising Tech but I can’t even front. The Baylor defense sucks. It sucks so bad there aren’t enough negative words in the dictionary to describe the level in which Baylor defense sucks. They missed simple textbook fundamental tackles. Coverage was blown every which way. And they allowed four too many touchdowns. Not that I thought Tech would be a rollover but they gave Baylor more than a solid run for their money. Tech made Baylor look like the University of Kansas. I don’t mean to insult KU even though I can’t stand them but there’s a reason why they’re last in the Big 12 Conference. The way Baylor was playing you’d think the team was reverting back to the Coach Steele era. Baylor fans you remember that debacle!

Ugh and Bryce Petty left the game due to concussion like symptoms. Sean Russell did well but he didn’t do as well as he has in previous weeks. It was just a horrible and embarrassing game. Gawd I hope Baylor cleans up their act because next weekend we play Kansas State who’s been WAITING to tap some Baylor ass all season long.

At this point Baylor gon need everything short of a miracle in order to get to the playoffs. They have to play smart and precise football. That means less mistakes and far less penalties! Gawd those damn mutha fuckin penalties are just a thorn in our side. If we can cut down on the team penalties and force the our opponents to make more mistakes, we’d be golden. Sigh yeah we’ll see how that goes next week.

May the odds forever be in Baylor’s favor. May they forever be in our favor.

Thanks for reading….

The Southern Yankee

The List

My life has been fuelled of ‘i wishes’, ‘ooooo maybe one day’ and ‘oh man that would be a great trips’. I have told my friends a countless number of times that ‘one day i will __________ (fill in the blank) when i have the ____________ (fill in the blank)’. of course i almost always either never do what i say i want/will do because… well… hmmm as i think about it now i don’t know what really stops me from doing the things my heart, mind, body and soul want to do. There are days i wake up and say I’m going to do this today but do i? HELL THE FUCK NO!

But i have decided to do something. Well ha i took the first step in doing something.

Let me explain…

I was watching Joel Osteen one Sunday afternoon. Forgive me but I can’t even begin to tell you what he was preaching about that day; however it made me think. I thought long (lmao five minutes because at the beginning of the sixth minute my head was hurting) about where my life was going and all the time my girl and i have wasted doing absolutely nothing while consistently being dissatisfied by our current lack of funds and ganas to do anything in this world we call home. (say that shit ten times really fast… LOL what a mouthful) it was on this day that i decided to make a bucket list.

A bucket list is all the things you want to do before you die. Of course there are TONS of things i would like to do before i leave this world. And like usual i don’t know where to begin. At least the hardest part is over! I’ve already begun making my list which is below and in no particular order.

  1. Graduate from the University of Houston – i am currently 39 hours shy of completing this goal. and while it wouldn’t be hard to accomplish this goal in a timely manner; it will be hard for me because i work full time (meaning i only take 3 to 6 hours a semester) and will be paying for it myself (no financial aid or help from family).
  2. Obtain a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and/or Journalism – i have to accomplish the above goal before i can do this. my GPA from Baylor sucked ass so I’m struggling to get it up to at least a 3.80 (not the requirement for graduate school btw)
  3. Travel overseas – traveling overseas would be the ultimate vacation!
  4. Write a book(s) – i keep saying I’m going to start but my problem is where I start. What do i write about first? I also have a severe case of writer’s block.
  5. Reconnect with my mom – this has been on my heart for a while now. I miss my mom like crazy. I email her every now and then but it isn’t the same as seeing her. Of course i know that reconnecting with my mom means reconnecting with her family too but i will address that when the time arises.
  6. Spend more time with ALL family members – i have a really broad sense of what the world family means. My blood family is my family of course but my friends have always been more of a family to me than most of my blood relatives. With that said i have at least 20 siblings. Don’t make me list them all because i almost always forget someone.
  7. Complete my family tree – this isn’t just for me but for my daughter who was adopted by my Aunt Laine and Uncle Mike. She’ll be eleven this September. This is so hard because i don’t even know where to begin.
  8. Visit the stadiums of my favorite pro sports teams – wouldn’t this be awesome? So far I’ve been to minute maid park home of the Houston Astros. I don’t have many favorite pro sports teams so this won’t be hard to accomplish it just takes money. I’ve been to Reliant Stadium but the Texans weren’t playing that day.
  9. Visit granny and papa’s burial sites – i know this is morbid but granny (tutu’s mom) and papa (mom’s dad) meant (still mean) everything to me. There is so much of them in me it’s scary. I miss them both so much.
  10. Attend the next class of 1997 reunion – yeah i know… no preguntas please.
  11. Have at least one more child – i say at least one more because i gave birth once but i gave her up for adoption.
  12. Adopt two children from the US – I’m so damn tired of all these celebrities adopting kids from other countries. UGH! I’m not saying those kids do not deserve to have a home; it is just that there are sooooooooo many kids here in the states that deserve a home too. With that said i applaud Sandra Bullock for adopting a baby boy from Louisiana.
  13. Become financially stable – sigh i don’t think this needs explanation.
  14. Give blood (again) – i gave once in high school and had a weird reaction. My whole arm went numb. I couldn’t move it for the life of me. Since then i have indeed tried again. if i remember right i have given at least once since i have been employed at fox but not again since then because I’m anemic (i.e. my iron hasn’t been at the level needed for donation)
  15. Visit the Grand Canyon – I’ve flown over going to California but have never been.
  16. Learn to dance – i LOVE to dance. I’m not great at it but i love it nonetheless. With that said, i really want to better learn how to dance Latin (i.e. bachata, salsa y meringue) and learn hip hop. I love watching shows like Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. And I really love watching the female hip hop dancers/dance crews. Those bitches are FLY! Don’t get it twisted by no means am I hating on the male dancers. They can get down too… just look at the Jabbawockeez!
  17. Own a house – home is where you make it but it is a whole other animal when you own your own home. How awesome will that be to have friends and family at MY house for thanksgiving and Christmas or birthdays, barbeques and such?
  18. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City  my sister Cheri and friend Sophie are artists. They inspire me to look at life differently and view it in all kinds of color and not just black and white. I love going to the fine arts museum. There’s something about looking at someone else’s interpretation of the world or even what is in their imagination. As a writer, i can escape through words easily but to create something like a sculpture or a painting is truly amazing to me.
  19. Learn another language – hablo Español pero me gustaria mucho aprender un otra lengua.  J’aimerais apprendre le français (i would love to learn French *giggling* I love Google)
  20. Obtain a teaching certification – so the LORD put this on my heart years ago when my girl and i were living with my friend David. Plus my papa (pronounced pawpaw) and my Uncle Jr were teachers. I fought this notion when i was younger but perhaps i might be good at it.
  21. Become a sports writer – it would be great to write about something i truly love doing and watching and i would be traveling everywhere. Wouldn’t it be awesome to cover the Olympics?!
  22. Fully learn to swim – you would think since i have taught 3yr olds to swim that i would be able to swim myself right?! Not a chance. Don’t give me the side eye because I’ve heard it before. It is easy to teach kids because you’re at the shallow end and that’s deep for them. Besides I almost drowned once when I spent summer 1993 in Austin at Youth Opportunities Unlimited at the University of Texas at Austin. I’ll get in the water but I’ll sit at the shallow end.
  23. Visit Canada – one of the nicest people i know lives there. And it is a beautiful country. Montreal, Toronto, Québec, Vancouver man! OOOO it would be awesome to see a hockey game up there too!
  24. Take a cooking class – the sure fire way to my heart is through my tummy!!! Now again don’t get it twisted… I can cook! But it would be great to cook like a gourmet chef. I’m convinced that Food Network in particular Good Eats and Iron Chef America get most of its ratings from me. I will watch food network before i watch any other channel. Plus a cooking class would be uber fun!
  25. Visit Nawlins – home of good food, crazy nightlife, jazz, Mardi Gras, wicked hauntings and lots of deep southern Cajun history.
  26. Attend a NCAA Final Four (both) – nothing beats watching a battle to the finish. Plus basketball is my favorite sport. i also used to cover college ball when i work at the Baylor Lariat
  27. Attend Rose Bowl Parade and Game – every year i watch and every year makes me want to get a huge group together to go. If i lived in California you best believe i would make it a yearly tradition.
  28. Take a cruise – ahh the open seas, boozes, and shows. Yep that would be relaxing. Hope I wouldn’t get sea sick. 😦 That would suck!
  29. Go skydiving – my friend David, my sister Cheri and several APODOUH brothers have gone and well it looks fun. You only live once (sort of) right?!
  30. Take a vacation with sisters – what an evilly fabulous time that would be. We used to take road trips when we were younger all the time. We had soooo much fun. Not to mention got into sorts of trouble.
  31. Lose weight (current weight: 220lbs) – yeah i put myself out there. No woman would ever do that but as I’ve always said I’m not your ordinary girl. I’m heavier now than when i was pregnant. I’ve gained 68 lbs since 2000. Not good. I’m not interested in being a skinny bitch; I just want to be healthy. Be proud of the body i reside in. i would like to be fierce all the way around and not just in my sarcastic unruly evil attitude.
  32. Perfect my writing skills – i admire writers like Eric Jerome Dickey, my friend La and Muze (another blogger whose personal and fiction blog are really captivating). Their natural ability to tell a GREAT story is a goal of mine. La has a way of making you cry, laugh and get mad all in one post. Muze’s fiction blog is vivid and leaves the reader mad because the next installment may not come as quickly as he or she would like it. Eric Jerome Dickey just sucks you in. it is drama that you can really imagine happening. One day I’ll be as good as they are now.
  33. Make a scrapbook – i love scrapbooking!!! I am a packrat from hell. I keep almost everything. Hence the reason why i need to scrapbook. I just have so many memories of so many things and people and i need to chronicle everything.
  34. Own an apple MacBook pro – for as long as i can remember i have wanted an apple computer. To me apples are very user-friendly. Also software like adobe creative suite seems to work better on a mac than a pc.  
  35. Buy a saxophone – when i was younger i played the saxophone for eight years. Seven of those years was spent playing the tenor while the last i played the alto. My ears perk up whenever i hear someone playing a saxophone. Kenny G, Charlie Parker and Dave Koz are a few of my favorite saxophonists. I don’t think i would ever be as good as they are but i still would like to play again.
  36. Go to a Janet Jackson concert – oh em gee… what a day that would be if i won or was given or bought tickets to a Janet Jackson concert. I literally grew up listening to her and her siblings. Whenever a “Jackson” song comes on i start dancing and singing. I have heard her shows are awesome!

Damn this turned into a long ass post. Longer than I originally thought it would be but i couldn’t just blog my list without explaining my rationale. My goal is to chronicle my progress and completion of each item. HA that’s my goal. We’ll see if i do it. This list is HUGE and will probably get longer as time goes by. I can already tell. I just hope I’m able to accomplish everything because I’m not getting any younger…