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Day 8: A Song that Reminds You of Your “First Love”

I suppose I was in junior high when I laid eyes on my first love. It wasn’t love at first sight though.

When I first saw my first love, it was at the end of my sixth grade year at Iago Junior High School in Iago, TX. My grandfather passed away in April and my love came rushing into my life like a freight train not too long after his passing. I don’t really remember how we met but I know it was because of my grandfather passing that we were brought together. I suppose one could say it was meant to be but at the same time everything meant to be is hard work and a constant struggle. It took a long time before I fell completely in love with my first love. I didn’t understand what I was feeling nor did I realize my first love would such a huge impact my life as I grew older.

In fact, it would be my junior year of high school before I realized how deeply in love I was with my first love. Yes I dated one or two people during the time it took me to realize this was the love I so desperately needed in my life. Believe it or not, it was my high school yearbook advisor that made me realize how deeply I loved my first love. Perhaps she saw something I didn’t at first, second and third glance. Either which way, once I realized how in love I was, I never really let go. I can’t nor do I want to!

So I’m dedicating “Love” by Mos Def to my first love.

I start to think, and then I sink

Into the paper, like I was ink.

When I’m writing, I’m trapped in between the lines

I escape, when I finish the rhyme.


Thanks for reading…


The Southern Yankee