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Fathead and Red

I talked to my oldest brother today. Even though he’s a pain in my left butt cheek, I love being able to talk to him about random shit.

It isn’t awkward.

It isn’t forced.

It’s just a pair of siblings talking on the phone as if we talk to each other everyday which we do not. He’s in Cali. And I’m in Texas. We’ve been separated all our lives and have only seen each other once. ONCE!! Yet my brother and I have a great relationship. We are a normal sibling pair but at the same time, we are not.

We share a last name but not the same mama. I can only imagine the number of headaches our moms would have had if we grew up together. Of course, had my mother stayed in California, that probably could’ve been possible but she did not.

Don’t tell him this but I really love my brother. I’m so incredibly grateful his stubborn fat head is in my life. He annoys the fuck outta me. And he’s bossy as all hell. Lawd have murcy and he’s a whiny you gotsta respect my authoritah cuz I’m the oldest asshole. He tortures me with talk of his chef quality dishes. He’ll tell you I do it more but his opinion don’t matter right now!!

But I love my brother immensely! I don’t ever want to know what I’d do without him or his wife or his three gawhgeous daughters. Please don’t tell him I’m talking nice about him cuz on the real, he’d never let me hear the end of it. Fucker!

Perhaps one day, I’ll get to see him again. And smack upside the head. And talk shit about and laugh at him with my sister in law. Hahaha wouldn’t that be a good time for ME?! Keep your fingers crossed it’ll be sooner rather than later.

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