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Photo 101 Day 2: The Road Ahead To Be Someone 

I’ve always had a strong interest in photography. I love the dimensions in which distance is felt in a scenic or distant landscape type photograph. I love the details captured in a crisp black and white photo. I even love the various tricks one can use to create beautiful illusions with a click here, a tap there and another click over yonder in Adobe Creative Suite.

As a writer, I use photography to enhance my story. Sometimes “painting a picture” with words isn’t  enough. Sometimes, as the old standard cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. What if a photo was worth more than stupid and words? What if the photograph(s) spoke to a person in ways the words on a piece of paper could not?

For Day 2’s assignment, I wanted to take more than the standard set up, get oriented then shoot photograph.  I’ll admit these photographs aren’t as crisp and clear as I would like them to be. For the most part, I like the photos but they could be so much better if I had taken them on my Sony a5000 and if I actually took the time needed to properly set up the shot.

But, alas, as usual I was using my iPhone 5s which is always accessible and doesn’t take up too much room in my purse.

the long road2

This photo is entitled The Long Road. I was on my way to workout at the University of Houston Main Campus Rec. It was about 06:00 and I thought the foggy conditions made the Calhoun Road seem much longer than in reality. The shot would have been absolutely perfect had I not stopped so close to that damn bright ass street lamp.

The Long Road metaphorically represents my journey through life. Just as the end of the road is unclear in the above photograph so is my journey. I wholeheartedly believe there are a million and one adventures  left to be had in my lifetime. That the fun hasn’t really started yet nor will it cease once it does finally get underway.

The brightness of the street lamp is the beginning. The dark shadows that lead into the fog are the many bumps. The yellow crosswalk lights caution me to proceed eagerly but attentively. And the glimmers of light along the are the people I’ve been blessed to meet throughout my life.

Good huh?!

This next photograph, entitled Be Someone, was taken using the ProCam2 app for iOS on my iPhone 5s.

I pass this graffiti sign every time I drive into Downtown Houston. I have to say that this graffiti sign reminds me of why I write and partially why I started The Southern Yankee. I’ve always wanted to be more than what I currently am. I am not one to hurry up and wait for things to happen in my life. I love a good adventure and not knowing where I’ll end up. Challenges excite me. Helping and nurturing other people is second nature.

I’m not saying I want to be famous. even though being a famous writer does sound be quite niiiice. I just would like my efforts and work to matter in the world. Maybe not on a Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King level but enough to where people remember at least my writing.


Hope you all enjoyed my Photo101 submissions for today. If you’re an iPhone photography genius, please  comment below about your tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee