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Writer-Vation: Starting Anew

Here we are several days into the year 2015 and I’m just not getting around to posting this Writer-Vation piece.

Sigh I’m always late for everything… well not as late as my sisters tend to be but late nonetheless.


It’s a New Year and I promised in my Happy New Year post that I would try harder. I didn’t exactly specify what I would be focusing my best efforts on because let’s face it, more often than not I have squirrel moments which tend to last for several moons. It can’t help myself sometimes. Thoughts run through my mind like little kids hyped up on candy. One minute I’m focused completely on the task at hand and the very next minute… SQUIRREL!

It’s quite frustrating especially since I would like to one day publish a book or at least that’s the goal. Honestly, I just want to become an accomplished writer. I don’t have to be famous or have the longest running best seller. even though that would be fucking awesome Shit I don’t even need the… who the fuck am I kidding.. I do need the fortune. Times have been waaaay too hard and a sista gots to get PAID!


I’ve talked a lot about making my writing work for me and not me for it. I’ll be honest with you guys I don’t really write for the sake of obtaining followers. While I immensely enjoy seeing my follower numbers grow, in the beginning, my main purpose for starting this blog was to provide some sort of self-therapy. A place where I would air all my little durty durty laundry. An outlet of sorts for the ridiculous amount of thoughts and emotions swirling around inside this mess of a body. It was meant to be a stepping stone for my poetic memoir which I think it may still be but who knows when that’ll be published or even at all.

But now, I would very much like my blog to reach new heights. But I’m not sure what that entails exactly. I’m not trying to reinvent my blog or change the current the format. I’m also not trying to pigeon hole myself into writing about a single topic or range of topics in every single post. Let’s face it this blog reflects the random chaotic sometimes volatile nature of my mind and life. And I like that because not only is it possibly more entertaining to my followers but it’s certainly less boring to me. Don’t get me wrong. I applaud bloggers/writers who can concentrate their creative talent into one topic or genre and consistently make their posts or books interesting. I just can’t do it.

Sooooooo here’s the deal… I need to become more organized when it comes to my writing and blog. I need to set aside time outside the fucking dealer cuz this hoe is an expensive fucking addiction to plan posts and topics. I need to become more involved in blogging community. But most importantly, I need to just write. I dunno what happened between the first week of December and now. I just fell off the face of the blogosphere. Totally not my intention but again… sQuIrReL!

Sorry I’m back I promise.

To help me stay focused, I downloaded and printed a 2015 Passion Planner. Again I’m late in starting this but perhaps it’ll keep me from having extended squirrel moments. Gawd I hope this works because I really want to make this blog work.

As always thank you guys for being patient and for following me as I continue my quest to becoming a successful writer.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee