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Day 11: Something People Seem to Compliment You Most On


Here I thought the first ten prompts of this 30 Days of Truth challenge were relatively hard. This one: Something People Seem to Compliment You Most On is by far the absolute hardest of them all.

Let’s get something straight if I received a lot of compliments on any aspect of me or the way I do things then I would have an over abundant amount of things to write about right now. But the truth of the matter is I do not receive compliments often. at least none that are told directly to my face.

But if I have to really think about it which I have been all fucking day I suppose the one thing people have indeed complimented me on the most in my lifetime would be my cooking. Jesus it took the whole day to think of that?! my brain must be really frozen.

For those reading my 30 Days of Truth posts, you will remember that on Day 3, proudly professed my love for my ability to cook. I have to say I absolutely love cooking. I plan to have a gourmet kitchen that will closely resemble Paula Deen’s kitchen when I buy a home. Ima city gal in love with a big country kitchen.

I started cooking and learned how to cook when I was younger. Most of my “staple” recipes have been recreations or modified versions of family recipes. I remember the first time I made my aunt’s spaghetti recipe. I invited two of my friends to have dinner with me in my dorm room at Baylor. Needless to say, the spaghetti was a hit. So much so they both had seconds and thirds if I remember right.

It’s a little funny how much people really enjoy my cooking because it is just something I do. Yes I am an avid watcher of the Food Channel and the Cooking Channel. Yes I enjoy looking up recipes on Pinterest. And yes I do indeed buy cooking and food related magazines when I can spare $5 to $10. Cooking seems to be rivaling my love and passion for writing. Either which way I do not do either nearly as much as I would like.

In recent years, I have tried my hand at making a spicy hearty chili. Not only do I make it differently each time I make it but I’m pretty certain I forget to add an ingredient as well. I do not cook from a written out recipe. I’m pretty sure I have never made a clearly written out recipe the way the recipe instructions. Call me a rebel but my version usually comes out way better. Perhaps once I have finished this challenge, I will devise a cooking challenge.

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The Southern Yankee