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Bees in the Tramp

There are several types of hoes.

There’s the hoe’s hoe. This is a hoe that fucks around for shear fact of fucking around. This gal or guy loves sex. Like luuuuuuuuvs sex. He or she is careful about who the fuck buddy is and how many to keep around at any given time. A hoe’s hoe understands that he or she may not be the other persons sole fuck buddy. He or she also understands the necessity of having protection on them at all times and the importance of getting tested every three to six months.

There’s a T H O T. Pronounced like thought. According to Urban Dictionary, T H O T stands for that hoe over there. T H O T is by no means one of those words that should be taken as a compliment. If you’re called a T H O T, yous a nasty hoe. You the hoe nobody wants to touch wit a ten foot pole. No amount of or even strength of contraceptive is enough to fuck wit a damn T H O T. NO TING AT ALL MAYNE!

Then there’s a thirsty hoe. A thirsty hoe tries too fucking hard to be everything and anything for the fuck buddy of the day, week or month. A thirsty hoe wants to be with someone so bad that he or she will fuck anybody who shows even the slightest ounce of attention. Thirsty hoes don’t always see the writing on the fucking wall. More often there are bright red gargantuan flags waving in they damn face but yet so so supposedly loves him or her. No bitch not even close. Yous a T H O T wit too much damn ambition.

The homie Sam and I know this thirsty T H O T who fancies herself as a hoe’s hoe but that bitch ain’t even close. We’re gonna call her Roper, for reasons you will soon understand. If I remember Roper correctly, she’s a shawt sorta stocky broad. Sweet as pie but dumb as fuck when it comes to fuckin’ around. Here lately Sam’s stories about her have been everything short of logical.

For example, let’s start with Tree Rompus. 

Dawg have I told you about Roper’s latest adventure?

Do I really wanna know? After the Fast Keys Eddie, I can’t bear to hear anything else about this hoe. 

I have to tell you dawg because it confuses me and I need to know I ain’t crazier than I already am. 

It’s that serious huh? Fine what and I use that term loosely she do nah?

Well she met this dude online. She say he got money and a nice house. 

Here we go. 

Dawg it gets better.


She met him after only talking to him for a couple of days. AND when she met him he wasn’t exactly the age posted on his profile. 

Please stop this. I’m already spent with her.

Wait man just lemme finish 

Jesus lawd why do I love a good chisme 

Anyway…. So she went over to his house the other day. He met her outside. And led her into the back yard. 

Oh hells naw you can stop this story nah dawg cuz I already know where it’s leading. Why is Roper do damn stupid?

Zxactly my thoughts when she told me about it the other day. But wait it gets better. He’s apparently a freak nasty old fucker cuz he asked her if he could tie her up. S&M type shit.

But they in the backyard dawg?! Where da fuck would he… (Dramatic Pause) Oh hell da fuck naw! No bitch why is she so stooooopid?!?! You need better hoe friends.

Precisely my damn point. I wanted to crawl over the table and smack her dumb thirsty T H O T ass. 

She asked no questions? Said hey this is a little too freaky deeky? Certainly some sorta red flags were waving right?! RIGHT?!?!




Dawg, please find better hoe squad members. This shit is too triflin’ for me right now. 

You see what I deal wit?!

You wouldn’t have to if you’d cut these hoes loose.

Soooo what you thank? 


Planes, Trains and Tricks

The homie Sam is a hoe’s hoe. She’s one of dem hoes you high five every now and then because you’re both amazed and shocked at her hoeing capabilities and conquests.

I sometimes feel as if Ludacris wrote his song Area Codes just for Sam cuz I’m almost positive she’s turned tricks in almost every city she’s traveled to in the last few years. Now don’t get it twisted, I ain’t hatin’ on da homie. How could I? Her debaucherous adventures are not only entertaining but too good to even believe.

For example, last week, this bitch decided she was going to hook and fuck herself a youngen. They’re always of  legal age folks she ain’t no pedophile

I’m so sore.

You took Gallo for a spin again huh?

Shut up hoe! Gallo was two weeks ago. I saw one of my Cubs over the weekend.

So which one was it this weekend… T.I. The hair puller. Durty 30. Vanilla Swirl. 

NOBODY ASKED YOU PATRICE! Fuck you dawg and your damn names for my conquests. 

Hahahahahaha ma bad dawg I’m just trying to keep up!

Bitch ass hoe I can’t stand you! 

Lmmfao what I say dawg? So was it a regular or someone new?

It was Durty Durty 30. Mmmm what a fahn YUNG and HUNG specimen he was. Lawd have murky the thangs he could do wit his….

Eh yo dawg! Come back to reality Rowdy Rosie! 

GTFOH dawg. I was just reminisckin about his luscious and rock solid…

Here we go! Lemme know when you outta ya trance.

Love this bitch to death but she’s so fucking graphic with her descriptions that she forgets she’s at work or in front of folks when she’s talkin me. I have to insult her in order to get her mind right. It’s like listening to a porno or some shit.

I’m done dawg my dawg. You know I love being a nasty whore. 

Yeah negro I know! I know!

So anyway, we went for dranks and appetizers at a joint like the one I took you to in Irving. Then we found a secluded garage and I rode his ass from here to next Thursday. 

Again in a fucking garage dawg? You and your public displays of ratchet whoreridness. Cheeky bitch that’s why ya old ass is sore. 

Thanks maw! 

What happened to cheap motels and HOtels? What happened to going back to his or yo place? LMFAO you’ve always been an exhibitionist. 

Duty called dawg. Plus it wasn’t that kind of party. He’s the one minute man. Get in. Get off. Get out! 

Fucking bitch I can’t stand you. Hahahahahahaha

Too ratchet? 

Naw negro just up yo alley literally!

I swear Sam’s a pimp. She has to be mayne… I don’t know anyone… NT1 sound it out folks that will randomly state I feel like being a whore in the middle of a conversation. Who da fuck does that but Sam?

My friends are best ain’t they?!