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Day 15: Something or Someone You Couldn’t Live Without, Because You’ve Tried Living Without It.

Me (second from right) with my sisters (l to r) Cheri, Chasity and Amy

My oldest brother and his daughters Tiara (left) and Tresure (right)


Growing up in Podunkville, USA was the loneliest time in my life. See out of my grandparent’s five children, my mother was the only one to have a baby. THE ONLY FUCKING ONE!!! I never understood nor will I ever why her other siblings never had children. So much attention could have been diverted from me. Christmas and other holidays could have been ten times more memorable. So needless to say, when I was little, I wanted siblings. Think of all the wonderful and not so wonderful things I could have done if I had siblings in the house. My siblings and I wouldn’t spend every waking moment together but we would have been (and still are) each other’s rock in a hard place. We may get on each other’s nerves sometimes but I wouldn’t know what the hell to do without them.

The Fantastic Four

My three best friends (the first picture) from high school are the closest thing to blood sisters I’m going to ever get. If it weren’t for their love, encouragement and the million times they rescued me from my crazy family, I’m not sure where I would be today. Please keep in mind; they all lived at least two towns (maybe 10 to 15 miles) away from my house. I only really saw them at school or those rare occasions when I was allowed to go over to their houses.

Chasity (the oldest) and I were born two days a part. What’s funny about our relationship is that our paths crossed well before we formally met. When we were little, we had the same “babysitter” (Mrs. Krushall) whose husband was my grandfather’s cousin. The Krushall children went to school with my mother and her siblings as well as Chasity’s mom and siblings. Well at the time, my mom and grandmother were working at Richmond State School while my mother’s youngest brother was in high school. Since Papa often travelled with Mr. Krushall, who owned and operated a trucking company, I needed a babysitter. Enter Mrs. Krushall. I’m sure the story of how Mrs. Krushall started babysitting Chasity is similar to mine with the exception of Popo traveling with Mr. Krushall.

Fast forward to freshman year at Boling High School. She had transferred to Boling from Wharton Independent School District. I don’t remember how or why we became friends. LOL shut it sis that was twenty years ago Either which way the rest is history. We spent high school talking on the phone late at night, listening to Selena and other tejano music and fighting as if we were actual blood sisters. To this day, we act the same way we did in high school. We still celebrate our birthdays together. We still email, talk and text all day every day. We have our share of blow ups and fall outs over the years but I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.

Cheri and I are the trouble makers of the four, partially because we are the middle children. I’m pretty sure had the four of us actually been blood related sisters, Cheri and I would be the ones getting the other two in trouble. We concoct all kinds of crazy yet creative schemes to get into. Her mom once told us that we saw each other in the store and when I went to say hello to Cheri she hid from me. Cheri and I are the creative artsy sisters. She is by far my most favorite artist. She animates, paints, sculpts and draws brilliantly. She inspires me to “think outside the proverbial creative box”. She has a knack for knowing when I need cheering up without me even really saying anything to her. Did I mention she is very cheeky?!

Amy is the youngest and has two adorable babies. Neither she nor her mom remembers how we met for the first time. I’m not exactly sure how I even remember. All I know is that it was at the community center in the little town I grew up in and where Amy’s grandparents still live. She went to school from Kindergarten to first or second grade and then moved to Winnie, TX. She came back I think when we were in junior high. We were close but not as close as I was with the other two individually. Nonetheless, I am grateful for her. I remember winter of 2010 when she was in the hospital. I was supposed to go to Hotlanta for the Alpha Phi Omega 41st National Convention but decided not to because we didn’t know whether or not she would make it through the winter. Thank God she did because now she is a mommy of two adorable munchkins and married to a great guy.


My mother’s ex-husband’s first child and twin don’t tell him I said that please is my brother Tresman Scott (second picture). He is by far the best brother a little sister could have. *bitter beer face* I knew I couldn’t say that with a straight face. He’s such a royal pain in my ass and is stubborn as all get out. He always has to exercise his supposed big brother authority as well as remind me that HE is the older sibling. There is no need to remind me that his old ass is the older sibling. Ugh I can’t stand his ass sometimes! If no one knew us, one would think we grew up in the same house and I only moved to Texas to get away from him. Not true. I met my brother along with his mom and his daughters for the FIRST time ever weeks before our Granny passed away. Crazy, no?! Regardless of spending years and miles apart, my brother and I are two peas in a pod. The transgressions of our mothers’ sperm donor have not affected our relationship as siblings because if anything it is the one thing binds us together.


With all the wrong in the world, I am immensely grateful for the people mentioned in this post. Life would definitely be a dismal existence if the Lord had not brought them into my life.

Thanks for reading…


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