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Writer-Vation: The Secret Life of ___________ (insert name here)

Has anyone seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Not the 1947 version although I would like this see this version but the 2013 version with Ben Stiller. I have to say I liked this movie more than I already expected to like it; which isn’t that hard to believe because more often than not I tend to throw the entire write side of my brain into a movie. Call it over analytical or down right crazy but if a movie doesn’t capture my imagination then I lose interest faster than I can lose my two year old nephew’s attention. In watching this movie, I learned a great deal about being adventurous and stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to my writing.

Think about it… How often do we take the easy route when it comes to anything related to __________________? (insert your craft/genre here) How often do we come up with brilliant ideas and walk away because we somehow talk ourselves out executing them? be honest now. it can and does happen to almost everyone

On the flip side of that, how often do you daydream or zone out in the middle of the work or school day, while driving or in a conversation with someone? Where do you go when that happens? Who do you become? How do you explain your brief encounter with your imagination to others?


I think sometimes, especially for me, we put too much into the need to have that perfect _______________ (insert what you’re working on here). I cannot even begin to tell you how many stories have been scrapped because it wasn’t perfect enough. And I’m not exactly sure what exactly that means because I’m not even what the perfect piece entails.

Sometimes when I’m writing I imagine that I’m the next great American novelist and the fame of my book(s) will surpass my wildest most rigorous dreams. By fame I mean, JK Rowling fame. Shit Stephen King type fame. It’s so good that Oprah Winfrey calls me personally to say she wants to use it for her summer reading series. Yeah buddy!

Other times, I imagine myself in this über college town like coffee shop shameless plug for Common Grounds in Waco, Texas and The Nook on the University of Houston Main Campus and I’m writing pages and pages of my memoir and a literary agent walks up to me and says I want to read and publish your work.

Then there are those times that I imagine having this roller coaster of an adventurous life and I write about my travels to Europe, Africa, the Arctic, The jungles of South America and playing guard for the USA Women’s National Basketball team in the Olympics. wouldn’t that be a crazy dream come true Did I mention in this adventure I would meet the Queen Mum and high tea with her as we talk about world issues, the weather in England at the moment and Prince Harry’s antics.


I think we all have “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” moments. I feel for a lot of creative types these moments fuels our intense desire to be more than the average person. To write the next great American novel. To be the artist we know ourselves to be. To prove to the person who said we couldn’t that we actually can and with finesse!

Thanks for reading and keep dreaming…

The Southern Yankee