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Any Given Weekend…

On any given weekend, especially in the fall, I can be found screaming at my TV. I tend to scare people because I scream and curse so loudly! I’m not allowed to go in public during my favorite time of the year because I’d be given the side eye or told to shut the fuck up.

What am I talking about?! SPORTS!!! I’m a die hard scream and curse talk about how bad you’re playing home and away teams fan gurl!! Don’t call, text or email me during any game because guess what?! I will lash out in the worse possible way. It’s not because I don’t love or like person on the other end. It’s because like most sports fans I don’t like TO BE DISTURBED!!!

I’m sitting here in front of my TV screaming because my Baylor Bears are on the verge of beating some Ok State ass!!! But they playing sloppy as fuck!!! Please don’t get me started

Anyway… I said that to say this…. This weekend blogging thang is rough yo!!

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee