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Don’t Touch My Hair Hoe


I absolutely positively LOVE watching them dance together. Not only are they provocative dancers but look how tall them heels is! yes I know that’s not proper English i needed to show em-pha-sis!!

you better work

I can’t even walk in a straight line in heels and these perras are werkin it like they were born in a pair of six inch stilettos!! yaaaaaaaas I can be a hateful bitch at times! Don’t act like you not!

Of course I can’t be too hateful because this is their God given talent and honestly, I applaud anyone who follows their heart and dreams to the fullest.

But I’m not writing this post purely for the sake of showing off their talent. I wanted to talk about the title of the song. Don’t Touch My Hair Hoe by Brooke Candy.

This has never happened to me before so I’m not going to insert first hand experience into this post. But I can say I would imagine having mixed feelings if I were approached with “Can I touch your hair?” Lemme explain…

I remember one Saturday, maybe two years ago when I was still wandering through the dark side, one of the Latina beauticians at the JcPenny Salon I get my hair done came over to talk to my beautician, Miss May. She was admiring my hair color. She went on and on and on and on about my hair color. Then she walked behind my beautician and touched part of my hair. Miss May and I had two totally different reactions. Miss May was visibly bothered for me and I was not. Again lemme explain.

If you know anything about Hispanic culture, then you would know that when someone gives you an intense gaze or goes on and on in an admiring type of way without touching you or the object of their admiration then they can give you mal de ojo which means evil eye. this is NOT to be confused with the side eye. Other cultures have a different name for the evil eye but the meaning is virtually the same. I only have experience with mal de ojo in the Hispanic culture because my boo is Mexican and the majority of my friends are of Latino descent.

So I took her touching my hair to me felt like a term of endearment because she didn’t mean anything malicious which I had to quickly explain to Miss May. If I didn’t, she surely was about to go left on her co worker. So that sparked a conversation between Miss May and I about how blacks in particular do not like it when people outright try or ask to touch our hair. Which is completely understandable because unless a person is a friend or family member then I really don’t like it when people try to get all up in my koolaid either.

On the flip side of this, some people act like kinky/curly/coily hair is a new fangled concept. Like having a different hair texture is a new fashion trend instead of wanting to cease and desist putting harmful chemicals in one’s hair. But that seems to simple to understand and sometimes it seems people actually like making life harder than it really has to be.

I think what it comes down to is people knowing boundaries and learning to think before they speak. Speaking of boundaries and touching a natural’s fro, check out the below video from one of my favorite YouTube vlogger.

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The Southern Yankee

Fit Fabulous & Fahn: Wordless Sunday


A little something from DavidSoComedy to help  motivate you to get your mind right for becoming Fit Fabulous & Fahn.


Enjoy the video and thanks for reading…


The Southern Yankee