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Creole Goodness

As a child of a divorced couple, learning to cook was more a necessity than something I wanted to do. If I wanted to eat, then I damn well better learn how to make myself something. Growing up, I cooked everything from tuna melts on toasted Mrs. Baird’s white bread to marinated steak, seasoned mashed potatoes and cornbread to a copy cat of my auntie’s spaghetti recipe, which is my favorite dish. Perhaps one of my most favorite memories of my childhood was being able to cook with my mom when she wasn’t working.

As a college student at Baylor, I remember I made my auntie’s spaghetti for two of my homegirls. I had packed all the ingredients to the top floor of the dorm and threw down like no tomorrow. I even bought fresh garlic bread to toast in the oven. And they loved it. By love I mean they grunted and slurped up every last drop of sauce on the plate. I think they each had seconds and thirds.

Fast forward to my adult years. For the majority of my adult life, I’ve used cooking as a form of therapy. I use my cooking skills to bring people together. To make people feel the love and warmth it took to prepare the recipes I love to cook on the regular as well as the experimental never before attempted recipes.

Today was a day to attempt a never before attempted recipe. Y’all know I love me some Pinterest. Pinterest is a melting pot of recipe pins. I have several boards filled with a variety of delicious looking foods. I just don’t have a big enough kitchen to prepare every pinned meal or dish.

I present my attempt at a from scratch creole/Cajun classic jambalaya!

I usually make the Tony Chachere’s or Zaterans box jambalaya. I add ground beef and/or eckrich mesquite sausage. It’s always good and quite spicy just as I like. But for once I wanted to make one of my favorite meals from scratch. 

I have to say it was a decent attempt but it needs work. It was flavorful but just a tad bit bland in the salt and pepper department. I’m hoping the spices and herbs will continue to season the jambalaya as it sits overnight in the refrigerator. I’m taking some for lunch tomorrow so wish me luck. 

Anyway, if you would like to attempt this recipe yourself here is the link to the pin on Pinterest. Let me know how yours turned out. 

Thanks for reading…


The Southern Yankee