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The Unexpected

It’s been a rough week. Well “rough” is an understatement. It’s been more than rough but I’m not even sure what other word to use to describe how this week has been.

We received some news at work. It wasn’t the best of news and it certainly wasn’t anything ANYONE was expecting just 32 days into the New Year.

But it wouldn’t be my company if the unexpected didn’t happen at the weirdest of times. Not only am I thoroughly confused by the events of this first not even full week of February but I’m sadden. Sadden that it has to happen this way.

Sadden that the possibility of the unknown and unexpected might even come more frequently sooner rather than later.

Perhaps this is a sign. A sign to start preparing my exit strategy. To start polishing up my venacular and writing skills. Working on skills that should come second nature to me but not really anymore because I allowed myself to become too comfortable in my situation. I decided to not be as overly cautious as I usually am.

But as the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason. Surprises and/or challenges, good or bad, can come at any time of a person’s life and what one does in those instances is what changes the future for the better and sometimes for the worst. But you go through it because every moment of life is a learning experience.

So here’s to being more cautious and aware. To keeping my eyes and ears open extra wide just in case the unexpected unknown affects me.

I know I’m rambling on and on and on and on in some weird cracked out code but I just needed to get some things off ma chest.

Thanks for letting me vent…


the southern yankee 

The Rebranding of The Southern Yankee

I need a change…

Change in my life. A change for Luquisha Renáe. A change in my blog.

Ever since Luquisha and I decided to go natural again, I have been watching various YouTube vloggers in hopes of picking up some techniques and tips for keeping and maintaining Luquisha’s strength, stability and nourishment. notice I didn’t say to make her grow. Some things aren’t THAT important!

One such vlogger is Shameless Maya. That’s her first video about. Something about this video as well as the various other videos I’ve watched spoke LOUDly to me. I am uncertain about what exactly drew me to her channel because last week wasn’t the first time i had seen on of her videos. I saw a small part of one video maybe two or three weeks ago and I suppose at that moment in time that particular video didn’t grab my attention.

But then I saw this picture on Instagram:


And said first “that shyte thur is hawt!!!!” Then thought perhaps I need to give her videos another go ’round. So I did which is why I’m writing this post.

As I mentioned before, I want to change up my blog and expand my “brand”. My dream in life is to become a successful writer and I cannot do that unless I write more and as Maya puts it “be more #shameless”. Now don’t expect to see drastic in your face changes today or tomorrow because I really need to think about the direction of my blog and how much of me I really want to give. I have so many ideas about how to evolve The Southern Yankee that I’m not even sure where or how to start. I’m always fishing for topics. I start posts and never finish them. I always focus on my obstacles instead of having that I can do anything attitude I tend to have at work most days.

But as I try to remind myself today is a new day and life is only what I make of it. I have to make more of an effort to get the results I want and need for this blog. I have to continue becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. And if that means branching out in ways I never have before than by golly so be it. I sound like a self help book.

In the meantime, here are a few items I’m going to focus on for now:
1) change the title
2) consolidate the categories
3) post more frequently
4) diversify the content
5) perhaps start a twitter or email account for my blog I’m lazy so this might not happen
6) have guest bloggers
7) develop the appearance of the site and make it more functional and appealing
8) increase traffic possibly the most important of all

I know I have my work cut out for me. I also know I’ll have to whip my own ass in gear in order to accomplish my goal. Sigh but the truth of the matter is that I’m getting older and I desperately need to be more than what I am today. I need to feel like I’ve accomplished something in my life instead of going through the motions.

So with that said, be on the lookout for the reinvented Southern Yankee.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee