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Fit Fabulous & Fahn: Phat Gurls Rule!

A Perfect 14: Teaser Trailer from O’Brien Films on Vimeo.

People should watch this movie trailer. Being able to love who I am and the skin I reside in is one of my many life lesson goals. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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The Southern Yankee

All About That Bass

For all my curvy, thick and fahn gurls out there here’s a song that should make you sang!

It’s called All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. I’ve never heard of this artist until my sister, Cindy, sent the link to me this morning. She said it made her smile and I see why.

Too often curvy voluptuous women don’t get the credit they so rightfully deserve. Too often the media and society tell us that we’re too fat and that we will won’t have the same life as a skinny bitch. no shade to the skinny Minnies that read this blog Why can’t we have a great life and be thick and juicy? Why must women be subjected to an unrealistic and misogynistic view of what we should look like? I ain’t no size 2 with big ass titties and a phat ass booty. well I got a big ol’ butt I’m a relatively healthy size 22. Yes folks I admitted my size. It ain’t that crucial because I’m not ashamed of my size. Why should I be? Because society and the media say so? Nope not acceptable! Plus it ain’t in my nature to be, feel and behave less than what I am physically, mentally and emotionally.

My point of this whole discombobulated little post is this: STOP MAKING CURVY GURLS FEEL LESS THAN WHAT GOD MADE THEM. yes I had to yell because some people don’t always hur very well. You know who you is Thick and fahn gurls like Queen Latifah, Adele, Beyoncé, Brooke Elliot, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, and J.Lo are just a few celebrities who flaunt and celebrate their curves and have so all their lives.

What kind of example are we sending to young women and girls by suggesting their size matters? There are way too many young women with eating disorders and too many who feel as if they are less than perfect because they’re not skinny enough. When will this stop? When will society celebrate people as individuals and not what or who someone is? Wake up world please before it is too late.

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The Southern Yankee