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Rock Da Vote!!

The sun is rising.

The air is cool and not too humid.

And there are probably dozens of folks already lining up at their perspective polling stations.

I’m not going to use this post to preach about politics or the candidates currently on the ballot for the mid-year elections. That’s not who I am nor has it ever been.

I’m using this post to motivate people to go out and exercise your constitutional right to vote and make your voice heard. You have to be the change you would like to see in the world we live in. If you aren’t happy with how your city, county, district, state and/or country is run then please get off your ass and go vote.

It doesn’t cost anything to vote. And you don’t have to sign your life away like you’re signing up for a newsletter or credit card. You’re taking the time to at least mildly care about who run your government. You’re expressing your concern about how the law affect you and yours. You are taking a stand for justice and how that justice is extended to the John and Jane Q Publics of the world.


This election, especially in Texas, is probably one of the most important elections since the presidential election in 2012. Today’s election result will determine the new governor of Texas. Finally Rick Perry will no longer be the governor of Texas. FINALLY!!!! You know there’s stupid and then there’s Rick Perry. Of all the homophobic women hating holier than thou governors to have in office Texans repeatedly elected this dumb fuck.

And I get it. The majority of Texans are Republican, conservative and devout Christian. Unfortunately, Rick Perry knows how to play into those things. Fortunately, when he attempted to run for president, his vocabulary and his inability to make an easily to comprehend sentence turned the American people and even his party off. FORTUNATELY!

Where was I? Oh right! Today’s election. Sorry I really dislike Rick Perry.

Today eligible voting age Texans will be voting for a new governor. Greg Abbott (R) and Wendy Davis (D). Honestly, I really hope Wendy Davis wins. Not so much solely for the fact that she’s a democrat and not of the closed-minded thinking of the Republican Party but because I am hoping she will offer new ideas as well as promote and elevate programs that have been falling by the wayside.

I’m so tired of every debate and election being about same-sex marriage or about how to legally and openly discriminate against the LGBTIQ community. I’m tired of the government, men and religious conservatives telling me and other females what we can and cannot with OUR bodies. I’m tired of election platforms catering primarily to the wealthy Anglo-Saxon Protestants of the United States. I’m only Protestant. And not a good one at that.

The voices of the lower class are not always heard. The needs of the lower class are not always met. The reality of some American citizens is that we don’t come from the 0.01 percent of those who have money. Some of us live paycheck to paycheck. Some of us like many of the strong women I know raised children on their own, while holding down multiple arduous jobs. Some of us don’t have the luxury of walking around with Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton or Tiffany & Co. But sigh unfortunately those are the folks that donate the most money to election campaigns. Their voices are heard through their pocket books and again I get it. I get that money talks in all facets of life. I. Get. It.

What I don’t get is people not going to vote because they don’t believe their voices will be heard. We may be individuals but if enough of us have the same views towards politics and the politicians running for office, we can and will make a difference. Educate yourselves people. Know what’s happening in your corner of the world because you never know when an issue on the ballot will affect how you and yours live your everyday lives.

Thanks for reading and please make YOUR voice heard…

The Southern Yankee