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Day 5: Something You Hope to Do in Your Life

As defined by oxforddictionaries.com/us/ a bucket list is a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

I never really considered making a bucket list until I watched the movie “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson; however, I didn’t actually compile a list until much later.

See the original concept for this blog was to chronicle my journey towards completing my bucket list. I would post the original list and add or delete items as I saw fit. It was going to be GREAT! But uhhhh that was two years ago and I have yet to accomplish anything on my bucket list.

With this being Day 5: Something You Hope to Do in Your Life of the 30 Days of Truth challenge, I figured it might be time to revisit my bucket list, make some much-needed revisions and perhaps condense it from thirty-items to perhaps seven.

Here are some things I hope to do in my life.

  • Spend Christmas with my oldest brother in California
    • My brother and I are so close one would never know we’ve only seen each once in our entire lives. We fight and poke fun at each other like we grew up in the same house or at least spent time at each other’s homes every summer. I thank the Lord every day that I have such a pain in the ass brother who loves his beautiful and intelligent little sister to pieces. Go ahead tell him what I said. I don’t care. LOL I’ve called him worse to his face. The plan is to save at least $1500 by October 2013. Yes it’s a lot of money but I really want this. But mums the word okay?
  • Attend Rose Bowl Parade and Game
    • Year after year without utter fail, I watch the Rose Bowl and Parade. Well, lemme rephrase that statement. I watch the Rose Bowl Parade without fail; the game is a different story. Since the game is not the grand puba of college football games, I really haven’t “wanted” to watch. But it would be fabulous to attend the game.
  • Buy an alto saxophone
    • During my junior high, high school and freshman year at Baylor. For you collectors out there, I have played a Bundy and Yamaha tenor saxophone and a Yamaha alto saxophone. I would love to purchase a silver alto saxophone. One of my Alpha Phi Omega brothers has a breathtakingly beautiful silver saxophone. One day when I have a house and a study/office/music room, I’m going to buy one. Yes I understand it may take some time but hell all I have is time nowadays.
  • Learn another language
    • Hablo Español pero me gustaría mucho aprender un otra lengua. J’aimerais apprendre le français.
    • One of my favorite artists in the whole history of art is none other than Cheri Lynn Fojtik. Never heard of her? You will one day. Just wait. Who is she? My sister. She is the reason why I have such a strong interest in art. She is the reason why I can appreciate all genres of art and creativity. I am interested to see what other worlds I will be exposed to if I were to visit these museums.
  • Visit the stadiums of my favorite pro sports teams as well as Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.
    • I do not have a very long list of favorite teams so my stadium tour will be mildly short. However, I can already cross two off the list: Minute Maid Park (home of the Houston Astros) and the Toyota Center (home of the Houston Rockets). I have visited Reliant Stadium but not for a Houston Texans game. Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field and Fenway Park are only on the tour because these are iconic stadiums. However, please note that I would only go if the Astros or the Dodgers were playing the teams that reside in these stadiums. So here’s the list: Dodgers Stadium, Staples Center (not for the flakers ain’t nobody care about them pansies but for the LA Clippers) and Lambeau Field.
  • Fully learn to swim
    • One would think since I have taught three-year olds to swim that I would be able to swim myself right?! Not a chance. Don’t give me the side eye cuz I’ve heard it before. It is easy to teach kids because you’re at the shallow end and that’s deep for them. Besides I almost drowned once. If I do get in the water, I sit at the shallow end.


The revised list is much shorter than I originally thought it would be. Not that I do not want to accomplish the other items on my original list but I have to be realistic with myself sometimes. So we shall see.

Until then, thanks for reading.

The Southern Yankee

The Killer B’s Got Hosed

I know I’m a little late to the conversation but what the hell was the BBWAA thinking not giving Craig Biggio or Jeff Bagwell enough votes to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I mean seriously! I understand it takes a lot to even be considered for this incredible honor to be amongst some of the if not THE greatest baseball players to ever even play the sport. Certainly if I were a little boy and loved baseball, I would want to be the next Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth or Nolan Ryan. I certainly want that for my nephews.

But to deem both players guilty by association with players who may have taken performance enhancing drugs is not only unfair but shady. Seriously! How often does baseball even get players like Biggio and Bagwell? Were they not around when Biggio hit 3,000 hits or his 300th homer? Or when the Boston Red Sox traded Bagwell in one of the dumbest yet the best for the Astros moves in Major Baseball History? Come on man show some respect for players that played for the game and not solely for the accolades.

I looked at the Baseball Hall of Fame website today and was shocked to not find one Houston Astro or Colt 45 player inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. For those of you asking me via your computer screen “Well what about Nolan Ryan? He was on the Astros?” Indeed he was but he retired a damn Texas Ranger!!!! apparently the Astros have been notorious for letting hall of fame quality players slip through their fingers i.e. Lance Berkman, Hunter Pence, Carlos Lee, Carlos Beltran just to name an effn few!

I don’t about you sports fans out there but I’m really disappointed right now. Arguably two of the greatest athletes to ever step foot in the Astrodome and Minute Maid Park. Two players who spent their entire Major League career here in Houston. Through the winning AND losing seasons! You don’t read, watch or hear about those type of baseball players anymore. I’m not even sure there are athletes in any professional sport like Biggio and Bagwell. Well lemme retract that statement because Andre Johnson has been with my Houston Texans from the beginning. I’m sure there have been plenty of offers made to Johnson to leave the Texans. But thank you football gods for not allowing that travesty to happen. and while I’m praying the football gods please oh please allow us to keep JJ Watt for his ENTIRE career. Amen!

Sorry as mentioned in a previous post I’m easily distracted. LOL

I’m pretty sure I am not the only baseball fan and/or Houston resident outraged about Biggio and Bagwell. And I’m certainly not the only journalist who disagrees with the BBWAA members who felt one or both men were undeserving of such a great honor. Nonetheless, as an aspiring sports journalist, I could not sit idly by nor could I post a full rant on twitter and not let my opinion be heard. Even if no one reads this post, I at least gave my buck twenty-five!

For those who want to read more, here are a few articles about the hall of fame snub.

USA Today – Jeff Bagwell calls Craig Biggio’s exclusion ‘a travesty’

ESPN.com – Craig Biggio: Don’t Link Me to Era

Houston Chronicle – Biggio takes near miss at Hall in stride

Until next time,

The Southern Yankee