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Hateful Ass Fuckers

At what point in our existence will we respect each other as people and stay the fuck out of another person’s personal life? At what point will “it ain’t nonya fuckin business what or who I do” finally register to conservative religious holier than who apparently are just as sinful but never talk about it assholes.

I read a Huffington Post article about a bill proposed of course by a conservative white Republican that would allow a business and/or business owner to invoke their religious beliefs to fire an unmarried woman if she became pregnant. Does that make sense to you guys? It certainly doesn’t to me. But what do I know? I’m just a stupid girl according to some people in this world.

Pardon my French but I just don’t understand why the fuck religious conservatives feel the need to not only impose their religious beliefs on others but propose laws inspired by a book that was written thousands of years ago. I don’t understand why people like the politicians in the article or even Kim Davis, Rowan County, Kentucky County Clerk, feel their religious freedoms are being infringed upon due to the actions of others.

Someone please explain to me how the lives of others infringe upon one’s religious, political or civil liberties. Explain to me how a politician would propose such a law that would directly impact not one but two lives if a single pregnant woman is fired from her job because she isn’t married.

So does that mean the following possible scenarios subject women to dismissal from their jobs if this piece of fuckery gains enough strength to pass:

  • Single women who do not wish to be married but want children
  • Single women who are raped, become pregnant due to said heinous act and decide to keep the child
  • Women who were in relationships but the partner leaves upon finding out the woman is pregnant you know there are some triflin fuckers out there who will and have done this
  • Women in relationships but not married
Does that also mean that lesbians suffer a twofold discriminative dismissal from their jobs because their pregnant and gay? I think that’s a valid question to ask. Religious conservatives already have a conniption about same-sex relationships. Imagine the “rioting” of the religious right if a pregnant lesbian showed up at work. Shocking!
Sigh, I just want to understand. I want to understand how a country founded upon the notion of every person has a right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” somehow finds ways to alienate its citizens in every which way possible. I want to understand how we as a country became so concerned with what goes on behind closed personal doors instead of being concerned with the lack of affordable healthcare, equal educational opportunities for all and gun control. How and why did affordable housing, veteran affairs and care, homeland security and other more pressing matters take a backseat to the private intimate lives of citizens?
I’m confused at how the separation between church and state has somewhat become non-existent over the last few years. I’m confused as to why someone else’s religious beliefs should directly impact my rights as a citizen of the United States of America. I grew up in a black Southern Baptist family. I know more about the Bible than most people would think I would. I believe in and pray to what I believe is a loving, generous and understanding God. Yet I’m a strong believer in finding out who God is or isn’t in your own way. i don’t believe that my religiously conservative family has a right to tell me how, when, where and why to believe in Jesus and the Holy Father without allowing me to get to know the Holy Trinity for myself.
So many people are turning away from religion because of laws that allow citizens and/or businesses to discriminate against others because of their religious beliefs. When did God become a discriminatory individual? When did freedom become limited only to the haves and not the have nots? How can we expect our children to grow up tolerant when their are so many intolerant people in the world? By the way, intolerance, racism and discrimination are learned notions and beliefs. Children aren’t born that way. Take that for which you will. It’s just a thought.
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the southern yankee 

Day 17: A Book You’ve Read that Changed Your Views on Something

I started reading at a very young age. If I remember right, I was reading before I officially enrolled in kindergarten. I can honestly say I do not believe I have read as much as I should have by this point in my life. I have a journalism degree from Baylor University (SicEmBears!) and am working on a Creative Writing degree from the University of Houston (GoCoogs!) can you tell I’m über proud of my schools?! and I do not read nearly as much as I should. In recent years, I believe I have become very lazy in my reading. I started Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert maybe two or three Christmas’ ago and have yet to finish it.

So imagine my oversized and over analyzed dilemma in trying to write this post. Like some of my earlier posts, I have been mulling over Day 17 for what feels like an eternity. That’s until I started asking my friends about some books all of which I have never read they have read that changed their views on something. Their books gave me ideas but I still had not quite develop a concept for this post.

Then I spoke to my grand big thats fraternity speak and she, as usual, redirected me in a different direction and really made me think about the books I have read from a different view point. She essentially said instead of focusing solely on the message of the books but to really think about how the authors writing style impacted my viewpoint as well.

So here is two authors whose main ideas or even styles of writing that either impacted or changed my views on something.

One of my absolute favorite fiction writers in the whole world is Eric Jerome Dickey. He is the author of such books as Milk In My Coffee, Friends & Lovers, Sister, Sister, Between Lovers and Naughty or Nice. I don’t exactly remember which book I read first, but I finished them all within a week or two of starting them. From what I remember, each book is connected; if not as a continuance of the previously published book then by the characters. What fascinated me by his writing is how he’s able to pull the reader into the characters’ world without giving any advance notice or buying them a drink first. I was instantly thrown into their world and could not for the life of me get out. I fell in love with his writing style. I whole heatedly believe that he’s really the reasoning behind why I wanted to be a published author. What I learned from him was that writing isn’t simply about the words on the paper, typewriter, tablet or computer. It’s about engaging your audience and capturing their attention page after page.

Brownies is a short story by ZZ Parker. I actually read this story last semester in my English class. This story hit home into many ways. First of all, it is about a black Girl Scout troop who went camping. The girls who sound like second year Brownies manage to get themselves in more trouble than any of them really need to be. As a former co leader of an Ambassador troop and current co leader of a Cadette troop, I saw waaaaaaaaaay too many similarities between the troop in the story and my troops. I also imagined that if I had joined as a child, my Girl Scout troop would be much like the troop in the story. I would be the awkward shy one who just wanted to fit in but nothing I did would ever make me part of the cool kids. LOL Kids are so rotten to each other. I’m not quite sure if this story changed my views on anything but it did reaffirm that no matter others deserve the same level of respect, consideration and compassion as we demand for ourselves.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee