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Know Thyself Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: What’s the BEST writing advice you ever received?
Considering my writer’s mind works in a multidimensional complex and on two separate writing planes, it’s really sorta difficult to determine which piece of writing advice is the absolute BEST.

On one hand, my first love as a writer was journalism. The short, sweet and to the fucking point of the average newspaper sentence or paragraph plays into my laziness. The ability to tell a story in as few words as possible has never been a special talent of mine but I have found it quite helpful when writing emails at my job.

On the other hand, the perpetual English student in me enjoys utilizing every inch of my active almost child like imagination. The fact that I can use words to manipulate thought, trigger various emotions and transport readers to other worlds or at least further into mine is a challenge I’m determined to master.

But with all of this said, I’m still at the fucking beginning with trying to answer what is the BEST advice I’ve ever received. The truth of the matter, the majority of the writing advice I’ve “received” in my life time has come from quotes from writers I’ve found on Pinterest. Don’t look at me like that. I speak truth mayne.

One such quote is:

Write drunk; edit sober ~Ernest Hemingway

I’d all over that if I could afford the amount of boozes needed just to write everyday. What? I drank like a damn fish!

Another is:

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. ~Maya Angelou

I’m a shy and most times quiet person but I have more than enough to say. I let my emotions fuel my writing because I do t know how to control them without first writing them down. My head tends to feel heavy and clouded not because I’m stressed or applied too much hair product although that has indeed crossed my mind before but because I think too fucking much. I have so many memories that pop in my head at the most inconvenient times of the day. I am constantly working up plan A B C D E F G and H because I always have a backup for my backups.

I take risks with my writing to see what kind of reaction I might receive.

My blog isn’t one dimensional for a reason. I could never be able to write about one aspect of my life or one of the many concepts and ideals I’ve learned about throughout my lifetime.

Which, I suppose, brings me to the best advice I’ve ever received in my life. A former supervisor of mine would say but four little words when there was really nothing else to say or do. And honestly, I have to say I use it almost daily.

Ready? It’s really simple and can be easily applied to any situation, especially writing.

fuck it, why not? 

Yep that’s it! Short. Sweet. And to the mutha fuckin point!

It isn’t profound or something some great philosopher or psychological prodigy ever muttered to an international leader. But I find that it allows me to not take a situation or whatever it is I’m working on so completely seriously that I become stressed out more than I really should.

Truthfully, I can get pretty wound up for no reason other than because I can which isn’t healthy emotionally or physically. I worry for no reason other than I can and where does it ever get me?

Absolutely no where! So fuck it!

Thanks for reading….

the southern yankee 

Writer-Vation: Starting Anew

Here we are several days into the year 2015 and I’m just not getting around to posting this Writer-Vation piece.

Sigh I’m always late for everything… well not as late as my sisters tend to be but late nonetheless.


It’s a New Year and I promised in my Happy New Year post that I would try harder. I didn’t exactly specify what I would be focusing my best efforts on because let’s face it, more often than not I have squirrel moments which tend to last for several moons. It can’t help myself sometimes. Thoughts run through my mind like little kids hyped up on candy. One minute I’m focused completely on the task at hand and the very next minute… SQUIRREL!

It’s quite frustrating especially since I would like to one day publish a book or at least that’s the goal. Honestly, I just want to become an accomplished writer. I don’t have to be famous or have the longest running best seller. even though that would be fucking awesome Shit I don’t even need the… who the fuck am I kidding.. I do need the fortune. Times have been waaaay too hard and a sista gots to get PAID!


I’ve talked a lot about making my writing work for me and not me for it. I’ll be honest with you guys I don’t really write for the sake of obtaining followers. While I immensely enjoy seeing my follower numbers grow, in the beginning, my main purpose for starting this blog was to provide some sort of self-therapy. A place where I would air all my little durty durty laundry. An outlet of sorts for the ridiculous amount of thoughts and emotions swirling around inside this mess of a body. It was meant to be a stepping stone for my poetic memoir which I think it may still be but who knows when that’ll be published or even at all.

But now, I would very much like my blog to reach new heights. But I’m not sure what that entails exactly. I’m not trying to reinvent my blog or change the current the format. I’m also not trying to pigeon hole myself into writing about a single topic or range of topics in every single post. Let’s face it this blog reflects the random chaotic sometimes volatile nature of my mind and life. And I like that because not only is it possibly more entertaining to my followers but it’s certainly less boring to me. Don’t get me wrong. I applaud bloggers/writers who can concentrate their creative talent into one topic or genre and consistently make their posts or books interesting. I just can’t do it.

Sooooooo here’s the deal… I need to become more organized when it comes to my writing and blog. I need to set aside time outside the fucking dealer cuz this hoe is an expensive fucking addiction to plan posts and topics. I need to become more involved in blogging community. But most importantly, I need to just write. I dunno what happened between the first week of December and now. I just fell off the face of the blogosphere. Totally not my intention but again… sQuIrReL!

Sorry I’m back I promise.

To help me stay focused, I downloaded and printed a 2015 Passion Planner. Again I’m late in starting this but perhaps it’ll keep me from having extended squirrel moments. Gawd I hope this works because I really want to make this blog work.

As always thank you guys for being patient and for following me as I continue my quest to becoming a successful writer.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

Last Day of NaBloPoMo November

Sooooooo I made it to the last day of the BlogHer November NaBloPoMo challenge. I may have started late by a few days but at least I stuck with it and didn’t let it fall by the wayside. I am notorious for starting blogging or any other project and never finishing. Case in point the 52 Week Blogging Challenge that I stopped blogging about shortly after writing the week #2 post.

But I vowed to myself that I would complete this challenge. That I wouldn’t listen to the voices in my head telling me that it would be okay to skip a day. That I could just change the date on a post and I’d be aight. What?! It’s true mayne.

All writers have voices in their heads, don’t they?! No? Not so much?!?! Really?!?! Oh sorry! I was having a conversation with my other ahem personalities. Don’t judge me!


I learned a lot about myself over the last few weeks. I learned that despite my laziness I can still accomplish my goals. I also learned that I don’t have to make this whole blogging thing as hard as I have been making it.

To be honest, like with anything, the only person stopping me from writing as much as I have throughout the month of November is me. But in my short defense, I always feel like I need to write a short novel in order for my posts to be a valid actual blog post. Yes I know I don’t have to write a short novel. I know I can post whatever I want but at the same time, I suppose my whole mindset is producing quality work instead of writing because I love it. More often than not I’m too busy to actually sit down and crank out posts like I would like. But I’m sure with a little bit of effort perhaps I’ll write a tad more in December.

Thank you to all who have been faithfully reading my blog. Welcome to the land of crazy if you just started following my blog. Please feel free to comment anytime!

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

Game Day

Today, boo, my homegurl and I went to the Baylor vs Texas Tech game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Lemme tell you not only does that damn stadium look massive on the outside but it looks even more massive on the inside. The House that Jerry Jones Built is a gargantuan building. See look for yourself!!



Being that I’m a Texans fan, I have to say that shit is impressive!! Like I can even front or hate. Jerry’s World is an a ma zing building. And that display screen!!!!! My gawd that has to be the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. hahahaha that’s what she said. Sorry mind in gutta. Like this screen is… It’s… Lawd have mercy. I know e’ry damn thang in Texas is bigger but that screen!!! Ugh loooooook at it!!!


That mess is… I’m speechless. I have no words whatsoever about that screen. Um um um my lawd!

Okay sorry moving away from the screen now because obviously I could easily go on and on about that damn screen.

Aside from gawking at AT&T Stadium, it was a great day. We literally sat in the nosebleeds and lemme tell you those seats were the most uncomfortable seats I’ve ever sat in. I was okay for the first and second quarter but then my legs started to hurt beyond what I could usually tolerate. There just wasn’t enough room to stretch out. I think Boo is right if we do this again we will definitely have to splurge for better seats or at least seats that do not require to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Such a ratchetly long hike. R A T C H E T!!

The good news is Baylor won. The bad news is the QB for Texas Tech is a baaaaaaaaaaad man! First of all, he’s a freshman. Secondly, that kid threw for more than 500 yards today. Thirdly, he can schlang da rock like its a piece of paper. I dunno where Kliff Klingsbury found that kid but he best keep him around all four years because he’s going to be Tech’s ticket to greatness!

Now I know I’m praising Tech but I can’t even front. The Baylor defense sucks. It sucks so bad there aren’t enough negative words in the dictionary to describe the level in which Baylor defense sucks. They missed simple textbook fundamental tackles. Coverage was blown every which way. And they allowed four too many touchdowns. Not that I thought Tech would be a rollover but they gave Baylor more than a solid run for their money. Tech made Baylor look like the University of Kansas. I don’t mean to insult KU even though I can’t stand them but there’s a reason why they’re last in the Big 12 Conference. The way Baylor was playing you’d think the team was reverting back to the Coach Steele era. Baylor fans you remember that debacle!

Ugh and Bryce Petty left the game due to concussion like symptoms. Sean Russell did well but he didn’t do as well as he has in previous weeks. It was just a horrible and embarrassing game. Gawd I hope Baylor cleans up their act because next weekend we play Kansas State who’s been WAITING to tap some Baylor ass all season long.

At this point Baylor gon need everything short of a miracle in order to get to the playoffs. They have to play smart and precise football. That means less mistakes and far less penalties! Gawd those damn mutha fuckin penalties are just a thorn in our side. If we can cut down on the team penalties and force the our opponents to make more mistakes, we’d be golden. Sigh yeah we’ll see how that goes next week.

May the odds forever be in Baylor’s favor. May they forever be in our favor.

Thanks for reading….

The Southern Yankee

Travel Day

Today, Boo and I drove up to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to see our homegurl from Baylor and go to the Baylor/Texas Tech game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Yes folks we’re going to the house Jerry Jones built. I’m a little weary about going into Cowgirl Central but hey I get to see my Baylor Bears play live and in living color.

While seeing Baylor play is exciting, lemme just tell you guys how incredibly arduous driving from Houston to Dallas!!! Lawd have mercy on my legs and my truck cuz that drive was a mutha fucka!!! Not only is the drive long, it was especially long today because it was über windy. The wind was blowing so hard my truck felt like it was going to blow off the road. It also felt like we were driving into the wind. Ugh what a pain in the ass. There were a couple of accidents too. Um I would like to state that an accident along a two lane major highway is the worst thing ever. You ain’t got nowhere to go! The shoulders are fairly non existent.

Pain. In. Da. Ass.

Anyway we hur bitches. The hotel room is pretty wicked tho.


It’s a loft style hotel room!! For the price, I’m very impressed with the room. The hotel looks very schwanky and modern. Very very schwanky!!

It’s been a while okay only since March since the last time Boo and I made a road trip anywhere. The last time we hit the road was to visit my sister for her birthday/going away weekend which was absolutely the best time ever. How I wish she was still in Texas but she’s doing great and wonderful things in Cali at the moment. So I’m not too sad about her not being here.

This weekend is mildly bittersweet because it’s been YEARS since we’ve seen our friend as well as a Baylor football game. My years at Baylor were not as great as I had hoped they would be. Murphy’s Law was in full affect from freshman year to the day I graduated in 2002. I could’ve done better in school and focused more than I did but I was young and away from everything remotely Podunkville, USA related. I didn’t have to worry about anything or anyone except me. Yeah well that sorta backfired on me and is for another more depressing post.

Sorry no more Debbie downer for me!!

This weekend should be fun. You best believe ima be dancing my ass off when BUGWB plays. And screaming obscenities with da homie. Hopefully we’re not sitting near any old holier than thou bitties. That would be unfortunate… for them! I’ll never see them again so I don’t cur one bit. We leave Sunday to go home and to visit the Baylor campus. Lawd that’s gonna be trippy. So many areas on and around campus have changed since I graduated and the last time I visited which was in 2007.

I can’t wait until tomorrow. I hope to have pictures for you guys. Hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving long weekend. If you have to work, I’m sorry! I’ll have fun for you. =)

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee