Welcome to the SY Experience


A simple yet very complex oxymoron that seems to be a mixture of two clearly different cultures wrapped up into one person.

It was a Sunday evening many moons ago that this child of Southern parents was born in what is considered by Civil War standards a Yankee state. Looking at her baby picture, one could tell she was going to be different from everyone she came in contact with, including her mother’s Black Southern Baptist family.

As a teenager, she was a rebel of sorts; often fighting against authority and questioning the “because I said so” statements of her mother’s very conservative Southern family. She often found solace in her Southern born yet Yankee minded grandmother from California. A nurturing individual, who often encouraged this young girl to become her own person without having to abandon the values instilled by her mother’s family.

As an adult, she has blossomed into the epitome of what a Southern Yankee could be. Raised in the Texas, a state compiled with a variety of Southern flair, she embraces her Southern roots through her love of cooking, food and family. Her Southern roots have taught her to be a compassionate, nurturing, verbal gun slinger who isn’t afraid to firmly stand her ground. Her Yankee-ness has taught her to think quickly on her feet, search for the answers to life’s many challenges and questions as well as be adaptable in favorable and unfavorable situations.

Through this complex journey of life or shall we say messed up multiple personality rollercoaster of a life, the author has discovered that writing allows her to cope with the “hand” she’s been dealt. The Southern Yankee is an account of this journey as well as random bouts of rants.

Disclaimer: This blog will be at times rude, abrupt, vulgar and in your face. The author advises if anyone has been or feels offended at anytime then she has served her purpose and will not apologize for anything.