Luquisha Renáe

This post was originally published on Jun 27, 2013 @ 14:22 CST

Who is Luquisha Renáe? That’s the name I have given my teeny weeny Afro. LOL don’t look at me crazy. I’m not the only naturalista who has named her Afro and I certainly won’t be the last. Why Luquisha Renáe? I’m not really sure. It was the first name I thought of when I was natural the first time around.

Luquisha and I began this stint of my natural hair journey five months ago on January 26, 2013. For the first few weeks she was okay with my decision to stop enabling her creamy crack addiction. “It is for our own good” I told her. We won’t have to sit in the salon for hours anymore nor will we have to worry about heat damage from my blow dryer, flat iron and hot comb.

If you can believe it, my hair gave me the stank eye and vowed to make this journey as difficult as possible because she remembers how badly our first natural hair journey went and did not want to be subject to that horrible mess again. Trust me, as you might have read in my previous post Hairstory, I struggled with the notion of cutting my hair and being fully natural. I also struggle with the simple fact I am EXTREMELY lazy when it comes to doing my hair. More often than not, all I want is to climb into my seductive bed and go to sleep. I don’t even want to think about co-washing or moisturizing or detangling. Lawd I hate detangling my hair!!!

But I do it because I promised Luquisha Renaé I would do right by her this time. I really am trying hard this time promise! Protective styles. Moisture needs to be a close personal of friend mine now. Pinterest will be like my natural hair shopping and styling guide because there are TONS of naturalistas that pin the products they use, how to make their own products and über cute hairstyles daily. I have also figured out that the million and one scarves I have at home will finally be put to good use. I also ordered some super cute flower clips and headbands from that’ll look super cute with my hair color. That reminds me I need to find and buy some more ribbons. Whatever reason I love putting ribbons in my hair.

Anyway… I suppose that is all for now. I just thought I would introduce Luquisha Renaé to the world.


Thanks for reading…


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