This post was originally published on May 23, 2013 @ 16:02 CST

So my beautician, Miss May, called me last Thursday afternoon. The conversation went somewhat like this:

Miss May: Hey Cheycara she’s one of very few people that calls me by my name and I don’t think I’m in trouble.

Me: Heeey Miss May

Miss May: So what are we doing on Saturday?

Me: Ummmm I dunno… Maybe a deep conditioning….

Miss May: Yeah we can do that but don’t you think it’s time to cut your hair.

Me: WHAT?! Nooooooooooo! Umm I guess so

Miss May: Well at least think about it and let me know on Saturday

Me: Yes ma’am… See you Saturday!

LOL first of all, I wasn’t really surprised Miss May said something about cutting my hair because she already knows how I am about my hair. This would be the second time I have gone natural and to be perfectly honest before Saturday I was scared out of my mind. Not because I was going natural but because I didn’t want my hair to look like it did during the first attempt at being natural. I admit I bit off more than I could really chew when I went natural the first time. I didn’t know half the things I do now. The information was out there but it wasn’t OUT THERE like it is now. I’m proud to say that I have found several natural hair blogs and YouTube vlogs that are FULL of information and tutorials. please see the list at the end of this post. So for the remainder of the day on Thursday and all day Friday, I mulled over the idea of cutting my hair. I went back and forth with myself as well as one of my sisters and decided to cut my hair even though I was still mildly set against cutting it when I walked into the salon. But I have to say, that even though I FOUGHT the idea of cutting my hair, I’m really glad I followed Miss May’s advice because I’m completely in love with my hair which is something I could not and did not say when I attempted to go natural the first time. Yes I was natural for four years but I didn’t take care of my hair. When I “returned to the dark side”, I started paying more attention to my hair and what products I used because I was getting a relaxer every other month and I needed to be able to extend the amount of time my hair “stayed straight”. Here are some pictures from the last few days.

Saturday, May 18



Here is the list of natural hair blogs and vlogs that have helped me on my natural hair journey thus far. Blogs:


Please remember that not everyone’s method of taking care of their hair will work for someone else. Trust me it took me a very long time to learn that very valuable piece of advance. However, I have also learned that I can study and modify someone else’s regimen to make it work for me and my hair. Thanks for reading… The Southern Yankee

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