Luquisha Renáe Update: 2 years 8 months Naptural

So y’all know me and Luquisha got issues with each other. She’s stubborn. I’m stubborn. I’m lazy and she don’t be acting right 95.5% of the time.

Since my last Luquisha update, which was last June, I feel Luquisha has grown a quite a bit. My last “trim” was I believe in May or June 2014. I don’t really remember cuz I hated it. I love my beautician but I feel like she cut waaaaay too much off when I saw her last year. Yes I know it had been prolly since before my baby sister’s wedding last January but DAYUM!!

I was really just unhappy with my cut. I’m usually really excited about my trims but this time not so much. Plus sigh my beautician is old skool. She does natural hair but she don’t do natural hair. And since this is my second stint at being natural, I really wanted her to do more and play but I mean I understand cuz she’s really popular at the salon especially on Saturdays. So outta fear, I haven’t been back since. I thought I was suppose to go in October but turns out the appointment was set for December 27th. Needless to say I cancelled the appointment.

However, what I did do was try a new salon and stylist. Look if you know me well I’m really particular about who does my hear. I can go pretty much anywhere but I usually ask for black beauticians. I usually only go to salons that employ black beauticians. Well for my birthday last month, I not only did I try a new salon but the stylist/beautician was not ethnic. It’s possible that she may be a percentage ethnic but I am not sure.

Anyway. Her name is Stephanie and she works at Planet Curls off Main St in the Houston Heights. She came highly recommended by my big sis who probably now has a 3b/3c curl pattern. My big sis would never stir me wrong so I went and loved it! Stephanie gave me what’s called a DevaCut.

Now lemme just say I’ve read quite a few articles about DevaCuts and how other black napturals have liked and disliked this style of cutting natural hair. Honestly, I liked the way my hair looked and felt after Stephanie was done cutting, shampooing/conditioning and styling Luquisha. My curls POPPED schun! Popped like they’ve never really have before. That could possibly be because of the gel she used on Luquisha that day.

Speaking of gel, I thought I would a gel convert but alas I am not. I have Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard at home and I likey but I don’t. The DevaCurl Arc AnGEL Stephanie used was great at first application buuuuuuuut after it was fully dry and sitting on my hair for a bit, it became filmy and too stiff. Way more stiff than the Miss Jessie’s and not as soft. I tried breaking the gel cast with oil but it just sat there. It also made my scalp really unnervingly itchy. Ugh it itched worse than not washing my hair for more than two weeks. It was just ratchet!

I finally had to co wash my hair to make it feel better. But that was not even a few days after the appointment. So that was disappointing. But that was the only disappointment about the appointment. Stephanie is really knowledgable about ethnic hair and made really good recommendations on what to do with my hair as well as products. I will be returning to her in the summer.

Aside from going to a new stylist, Luquisha and I still fight on the regular. She’s even more stubborn as before. Or maybe I’m the one who’s stubborn. whatever none of you can prove that

Wash day was yesterday as usual. I did a ACV, coconut, olive oil and distilled water rinse to get rid of the build up. I hadn’t done that in quite some time. After letting the ACV mixture sit on my hair for a bit, I washed Luquisha with SheaMoisture’s SuperFruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Shampoo. This shampoo smells sooooo good. Gawd I love the smell. The SuperFruit shampoo usually makes my hair feel soft but I think she felt even softer after the ACV rinse. I could be imagining it but Luquisha definitely felt different.

After shampooing, I deep conditioned with the SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Masque. I have the masque for the 10-in-1 but I decided to try to finish off the Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil masque. I forgot how much Luquisha loves the MHMO masque. Unfortunately, it took longer to apply this masque as it felt like it had been a damn month since I detangled Luquisha. That was not fun and excruciatingly painful. So many damn knots and not enough patience to take them out. This is why Luquisha and I fight so much.

Anyway after application, I sat under the SoftHood blow dryer attached my sister in law and brother got me for Christmas. Soon happy they got that for me. Talk about a ma zing. I sat under the SoftHood for about 10 or so minutes with a clear plastic shower cap. I would’ve stayed under the dryer longer but my tummy was talking rather loudly. So I just put on my satin bonnet over the shower cap to let the masque “bake” some more. I finally rinsed it out about an hour and a half later.

The rest of wash day was consumed with more detangling, applying styling product and twisting my hair which always takes the longest but I’m happy to say I finished before Downton Abbey came on PBS.

So here’s the finished product…


Thanks for reading…


the southern yankee


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