The Luquisha Renáe Chronicles: Two Years Post Chop

Last month, Luquisha and I hit the two year milestone since I big chopped for the second time. It feels like it’s been longer but alas it has not.

In the last two years, Luquisha has grown faster than she ever did the first time. Of course, it is quite possible her length is the same as it was in 2008. The difference between 2008 and now is that I was obsessed with Luquisha looking mane feeling like another natural’s mane. I didn’t realize how different Luquisha was from other naturals. I didn’t take care of her as I do now. she’d tell you differently tho.

It’s been an interesting two years. I have found a hair support system which is nice to have because it makes me not feel so lonely in this journey. I often receive random compliments on Luquisha which is always ego boosting. Someone even tried to touch Luquisha which lemme say I handled quite calmly and rationally. The only aspect of being natural that Luquisha absolutely hates is my laziness which unfortunately for her will not be remedied anytime soon. I keep saying I need to do right by her buuuuuuut I ain’t keeping my word. certainly that’s not a surprise

She desperately needs some attention from Miss May. It’s definitely time for a trim or a mildly major cut because my ends are so rough and knotty. To make matters worse, I can’t keep my fingers outta my hair. I’m sure if I could at least accomplish that I wouldn’t have half as many knots as I do. Ni modo one day I’ll learn. NOT!

Thanks for reading…
The Southern Yankee

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