Snap… Clank… POP! 

I left the house like I normally would on a Tuesday. Looking skrait up bobo ready to hit the gym hard. I packed up my truck, turned her on and off I went.

I was backing outta the drive way when I hard a loud disturbing grinding sound. I thought maybe it was mud or some shit stuck in the wheels and underneath. That usually falls off the more I drive. But um it didn’t go away. I got to the end of the street and it was still loud and screechy.

I decided to continue to my usual early morning destination. The sound was persistent and annoying but I trekked on. I exited I45 at Cullen and Elgin, turned to go underneath the overpass and heard snap, clank and pop.

No this wasn’t at all like the cereal I used to eat when I was a child. The little elves didn’t come out to greet me. Nope. All I got was my own voice screaming cuz I was scared shitless.

I pulled into the parking lot so my friend could check out my truck.

I turned the wheel to the right. Nada.

I turned the wheel to the left. Nada.

Pulled forward.

Backed that thang up.

Made a loopty loo.

Not a got damn thing.

By this time, I was pissed, worried and without coffee. Fuck! It was too dark to see what was wrong.

So I left. I text my boss around 06:00 to say I needed to take a personal day to take care of my Prime. Part of me wanted to risk driving to work but the better part of me said “nope take yo ass to the dealership!!” So I did. Unfortunately, I was too damn scared to stop anywhere for crack to calm my got damn nerves.

She skreeched, squealed and cursed me the fuck out. I drive so damn slow I pissed myself off. Cars were zooming by left and right. Angry drivers tryingn to hurry up to beat traffic to work, school and/or home from the overnight shift. I didn’t push much. Just to 60mph.

Every part of me wanted to cry. No I wasn’t having a girl moment. I was just pissed about the idea of dropping more money for my truck when I ain’t even got nothing to drop. Fucking hate being a fucking adult.

I got to the dealership and waited for them to open for the day. I talked to one service advisor who lawd bless him was more asleep than I was. He had me wait for a little bit until another service advisor came. She showed up and asked questions that the male service advisors have never asked before. I came down from a 50 to a 35 after talking to her.

I left my keys and my Prime at the dealership. My “other” parents came to get me. Now I wait. Y’all know I hate waiting. It’s now a little after 13:00CT.

No calls.


No texts.


Or even a damn email.


Sigh. I hate waiting.


Thanks for reading…


The Southern Yankee 


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