Photo 101 Day 1: Home… Home on the Range…

I’ve learned over the years, that home is what you make of it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical location where you live and/or sleep. It doesn’t have to be with your parents or your spouse or even your children, if you’re blessed enough to have them.

Home, for me, is with the people you see in the pictures above. Each photograph was taken with different cameras and/or smartphones. Only a handful were actually taken by me, which would have been more than likely taken on my old Windows phone, iPhone 4s or iPhone 5s (current point and shoot)

Each individual person represents a different “side” of my personality. All of them together represent my heart. These are the people I live for the most. They keep me grounded and sane. They got my back and I have theirs.

Thank for reading…


The Southern Yankee

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