The Chronicles of Xavier LD Monroe: Chapter VIII

Fuck yea there’s more everything where this job is concerned. And the best part….


You daaaaaaamn right!

Well keep me posted homie.

Will do dawg… Oh. Well. Fuck. Mcfly alert. I can never get a break from this bitch. Lemme go handle her ass and I’ll message you when I hear something.




Mcfly gon find herself abruptly without an employee if she don’t get her act together. It’s unfortunate but you just can’t treat people like shit and expect them to be loyal fo-ev-a.

I suppose I should actually do some work today but as usual I don’t wanna!

Harper, you talk to Shawty Lo lately?

Nah it’s been a few weeks.

I meant to send an email but I keep forgetting.

Set a reminder. Or do it now while it’s fresh on your mind.

This is why I keep you around Harper. LOL

Nah you keep me cuz you’d be lost without me.

That too!



Waddup Shawty Lo! How’s it hangin’? Haven’t seen or talked to you in a minute. Hope alls well and you ain’t tried to ahem hurt nobody on the overnights. Holla at me when you get a chance. Xa

Okay done. Thanks Harper!



FUCK! Why is it already 11:30? Shit! Lemme stop bullshittin and do some work!



Ugh today is going to be one of those fuck it days. I have absolutely no desire to be productive or do anything but watch videos on YouTube and do some desk chair twerking.

I pity the person who wants me to do any kind of work today cuz they ain’t gettin shiiiiiit outta me. At least nothing of quality.

So I put my Skullcandy earphones in and turned on some Pitbull. Papi chulo will get me going this morning fo sho.

Ahora que si, esa hevita esta enterita tiene tremendo CULO!
esta tan linda, esta tan rica, tiene tremendo CULO!
que rica chiquita, pero que importa si tiene tremendo CULO!
Has me el favor y meneate chica tienes tremendo CULO!



Oh it’s a Pitbull kinda day huh Xa?!

Huh? Whachu say Harper?

You’re screaming ¡Dale! again. You listening to Pitbull again.

Hahahaha uh huh I have to stop singing out loud so much!


No just feeling restless and lazy. Thinking about the whole ordeal with Curly.

Why?! You said you weren’t tryna get in trouble today.

I ain’t. Just thankin ya know?

Uh huh don’t get carried away nah. You know you prone to gettin in trouble.

I know Harper I know.

I couldn’t help but think about it tho. Shit like that don’t happen that often. I’m cute and all but fahn ass girls like that don’t talk to me. She reminded me of so many people rolled into one beautiful and curvy package.

FUCK! I didn’t even check to see if my jump drive was in my case. I reached over to my bag, pulled out my iDevice case and opened it.

When I went to open it, I noticed there was a piece of paper with writing on it. I pulled the piece of paper out and placed it to the side. I’ll come back to you in a sec.

I dug further into the case and found the jump drive. whew! I really need to start putting this thing in my bag instead of my case.

I looked over at the note. The handwriting wasn’t recognizable so it had to be Curly’s handwriting. It damn sho wasn’t Bae’s.

As I reached over to take a closer look at the note, I hear click clack rhythm of Cupcakes’ heels.

Fuck! I don’t like her tone. Hard and quick ::snickering:: that’s what she said steps. She must be pissed off about something.

Fuck fuck fuck!! I sat motionless trying to figure out which way she was going. I really don’t like her tone!!! That shit thur is skerry!

I sat up slightly and peeped slyly over my cubicle wall. Where she go? Her door is open and office lights are on. Mutha fucker she in ninja mode. Greeeeeeeaaaaaat!


I quickly IMed CheddaHed.

Yoooo homie!


Other chat plz.


Waddup yo

Where Cupcakes go?

She hur?

Lmao damn dude you never notice shit until it’s in yo damn face.

Ma bad!

Ugh c’mon dude I need you to pay attention. I heard da tone in ya girl’s walk.

That’s what that was. Shit I heard that too.

Smh you heard that but didn’t see her. You’re sitting at the station by her door today.

I know but you know my attention span.

::rolling my eyes:: ugh I know. As usual you ain’t no dern help.

Hahaha ma bad I’ll keep my eye out for her. Or maybe I’ll just go in there and keep her company.

The hell you will! Yo ass needs to stay where Wolverine can keep an eye on you. You go in thur you gon try to boo up.

You don’t…. Okay so maybe you right. Don’t judge me.

Smh your affinity for power and heels is dangerous you know that right!?

Yeah I know. Aheh heh heh.

Ratchet ass!


Hahahahahahahaha I really can’t stand you right now!

Hahahaha What I do?!

We dun here!

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