Travel Day

Today, Boo and I drove up to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to see our homegurl from Baylor and go to the Baylor/Texas Tech game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Yes folks we’re going to the house Jerry Jones built. I’m a little weary about going into Cowgirl Central but hey I get to see my Baylor Bears play live and in living color.

While seeing Baylor play is exciting, lemme just tell you guys how incredibly arduous driving from Houston to Dallas!!! Lawd have mercy on my legs and my truck cuz that drive was a mutha fucka!!! Not only is the drive long, it was especially long today because it was über windy. The wind was blowing so hard my truck felt like it was going to blow off the road. It also felt like we were driving into the wind. Ugh what a pain in the ass. There were a couple of accidents too. Um I would like to state that an accident along a two lane major highway is the worst thing ever. You ain’t got nowhere to go! The shoulders are fairly non existent.

Pain. In. Da. Ass.

Anyway we hur bitches. The hotel room is pretty wicked tho.


It’s a loft style hotel room!! For the price, I’m very impressed with the room. The hotel looks very schwanky and modern. Very very schwanky!!

It’s been a while okay only since March since the last time Boo and I made a road trip anywhere. The last time we hit the road was to visit my sister for her birthday/going away weekend which was absolutely the best time ever. How I wish she was still in Texas but she’s doing great and wonderful things in Cali at the moment. So I’m not too sad about her not being here.

This weekend is mildly bittersweet because it’s been YEARS since we’ve seen our friend as well as a Baylor football game. My years at Baylor were not as great as I had hoped they would be. Murphy’s Law was in full affect from freshman year to the day I graduated in 2002. I could’ve done better in school and focused more than I did but I was young and away from everything remotely Podunkville, USA related. I didn’t have to worry about anything or anyone except me. Yeah well that sorta backfired on me and is for another more depressing post.

Sorry no more Debbie downer for me!!

This weekend should be fun. You best believe ima be dancing my ass off when BUGWB plays. And screaming obscenities with da homie. Hopefully we’re not sitting near any old holier than thou bitties. That would be unfortunate… for them! I’ll never see them again so I don’t cur one bit. We leave Sunday to go home and to visit the Baylor campus. Lawd that’s gonna be trippy. So many areas on and around campus have changed since I graduated and the last time I visited which was in 2007.

I can’t wait until tomorrow. I hope to have pictures for you guys. Hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving long weekend. If you have to work, I’m sorry! I’ll have fun for you. =)

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

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