I’ve been trying to write this post for a few months now. Every time I’d sit down at my computer or take out my iDevice, the words would suddenly leave me. As if something was preventing me from speaking my mind. which as you all know is not hard for me to do

Of course at the same time, this particular post is soooooo much more than me speaking my mind. Sooooo much more than using my voice to influence change in a positive non violent nature. It’s about a parent losing his or her baby. It’s about young black and/or Hispanic males being able to exist without having to fear for their lives. Let’s just face the hard nose truth people. Driving or walking while black or Hispanic will unfortunately get you arrested, jailed or worse shot and left in the middle of the street for hours as if you’re road kill. I know that’s harsh to say but I feel like that’s how the Ferguson Police Department treated Michael Brown’s body after Darren Wilson shot him on August 9th.

What makes matters worse at least in my eyes is the fact that Michael Brown’s name is being drug through the mud as if to overshadow the fact Darren Wilson shot and killed him. He robbed a convenience store. He attacked the store owner. He attacked Darren Wilson. He’s the criminal. He’s the bad guy. But my question is why do that? What is the point is making Michael Brown a villain when he isn’t here to defend himself or his name?

What I also don’t understand is how can Darren Wilson is not affected by the events that transpired on August 9th. To me, this would be something that would rock every fiber of my being. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night because all I would be able to think about would be that day and how it could I have done something different. But maybe that’s me. Maybe I actually have a heart.

The death of Michael Brown raises more than enough questions about how public servants treat private citizens. Michael Brown did not deserve to die on that day in August. His parents should not be without their child this holiday season. They shouldn’t have to endure the pain that this tragedy has caused them and their family. My heart breaks every time I think about them and every other parent who has lost a child at the hand of someone else.

I’m not going to pretend I know the facts of this case. Nor will I pretend that I was there as a first person account witness. I’m just a relatively young black female trying to make it in a world that views me as a threat because I’m not a part of the majority. I have two brothers, a step-brother and a cousin who are strong intelligent black men who try daily to be something more than a stereotype or a statistic.

I firmly believe everyone deserves to be treated equally no matter a person’s ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, gender, religion or financial background. We should be able to live our lives peacefully without fear of being targeted because of who or what we are or what part of the city we may live in. There is a reason why people, in particularly blacks and Hispanics, do not trust or have faith in their local police departments.

There. Is. A. Reason.


If you’re protesting the grand jury decision, please be peaceful. Please do not venture outside of letting others know that change is needed in our world and that we deserve to be treated as we would treat someone else. Rioting and destroying public property that is used BY EVERYONE is not the answer because in the end you’re only hurting you and yours. Please be safe. Please know your rights when it comes to your freedom to peacefully assemble. Please uplift Michael Brown’s family and friends in prayer.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee


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