La La La Laaaaaaaaa

I’m sitting in the middle of the Nissan dealership close to my house waiting for Optimus Prime 7 3 O Prime for short to be serviced and returned to me. Sigh its gon cost me around $250 to have the oil changed and to replace the front brakes which isn’t bad considering it could cost more if I didn’t have coupons. Sigh being an adult sucks dude.


Truck payments

Insurance (vehicle and health)


I’ll be okay. Just venting.


Today is going to be a busy busy day. As I said, I’m getting Prime serviced at the dealership. Then I’m off to Michaels to get scrapbooking/craft materials for a very special present for my BabySis. Then I gotta go to the store to get stuff for my world famous chili. If y’all are nice I’ll post the recipe one day. I would like to make it home before the Baylor/OU game starts on FS1 but that’s doubtful. I just have too much to do. Oh well my Baylor homie will keep me posted until I get home.

After the Baylor game, I plan to listen to the UH/Tulane game. Shout to all my #CoogNation family and friends. This should be a relatively easy game for UH. I mean it’s Tulane. LOL teams always play the easy to beat teams on Homecoming. Of course, that doesn’t go for Baylor and UH. I’m all for being a “home wrecker” at someone else’s Homecoming game. nasty little shit ain’t i? There are multiple of other college football games I would like to see today too. Oh how I love November! This is when the puppies will be separated from the big dawgs. Let’s git er dun yo!

La la la Laaaaaaaaa!!! Like my singing?! Doesn’t it remind you of the movie Babe?

LOL I couldn’t stand that little pig but now I mimic him all the time. Don’t mind me I’m just crazy.

Okay this post is all over the place. Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

Buh bye now buh bye and thanks for reading…



The Southern Yankee

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