Week 1: Meet My Best Friend

I would like to reintroduce you to my three beautiful, intelligent and amazing best friends/sisters, Chasity, Cheri and Amy. These gals have been in my life for a little over three decades. We made through high school, three college graduations, a couple of births, break ups, drunken nights full of debauchery and mischief and loads of other things that we each remember individually but the other three selectively choose not to remember. My sisters have been my rocks in a hard place, ride or fuckin die chicks, partners in utter unadulterated crime, shoulders when I needed to cry and abundant sources of laughter, joy and love.

It’s funny to me how long I have known these fiercely intelligent gorgeous females. I’ll be honest… I’m not one to “collect” female friends. Yes I realize that sounds ass backwards but allow me to try to explain my case. I am by far not at all stereotypical of anything. I’m not at a girl’s girl in the sense that I haven’t been planning my wedding since I was five years old nor do I enjoy dressing up like a girl that mess takes too much effort. Call it what you will I just have never been that type of gal. I just don’t feel the need to be “on” all day every day when I can just be oddly cute. Don’t get it twisted I can and do clean up when I absolutely need to or when I’ve ran out of clean clothes. But to be completely honest, I’m a guy’s girl. Meaning, I’d rather play video games, watch and/or play football and basketball, go to Comic-Con, work on my car and read comic books. My close

I’m my mother’s only child and my siblings from my mother’s ex-husband all lived and grew up in California. So I knew I had blood siblings but I never saw or talked to them much until I got older. This is where these gals come in. They are


Meet the girls…


This is Chasity. The D I V A… The ride or fuckin die chick… But most importantly the oldest… She don’t act like the oldest as much as I do but her ass is the oldest and I remind her of that simple fact every chance I get. The funny thing about Chasity and I is that we’ve known each other the longest but didn’t actually meet until we were freshmen at Boling High School. Confused?! Lemme explain. Chasity and I say we were meant to be sisters before we were even in our mamas’ wombs. Check this: Our moms were born in the same hospital in Newgulf, TX a year and three days apart (my mom is the oldest) in the month of December, attended Boling High School along with their siblings and had us in December 1978 just two days apart; Chasity in Texas and I in California. Wait… it gets even more interesting. When Chasity and I were little, we had the same babysitter, Mrs. Krushall, whose children went to school with our moms and whose husband is related to my grandfather. So in essence, our lives were meant to be intertwined before we formally met each other freshman year in 1993 at… you guessed it Boling High School.

My relationship with Chasity hasn’t changed much over the years. Yes we have grown up a bit as individual strong minded women but at the same time, we still do the same things we did when we were in high school. One would think that as time passed we’d stop doing certain things because our lives have obviously gotten busier over the years but we haven’t really. We still talk from sunrise to sunset about random shit that usually turns into five or six conversations within one. We still fuss and fight about absolutely nothing all the damn time. One would think I would have learned over the years not to argue with her but uh not so much. I bark back just as quickly as she can say something. I still take her clothes and raid her closet as any YOUNGER sister would. See I told you guys I like to remind her old ass every chance I get. The only difference with that is now I have to wait to get the clothes I eye because we don’t see each other as often as we would like.

Fun Fact: Chasity claims to be the sweet and innocent one I can’t even type that without laughing hysterically but the truth is she’s the meanest and most troublesome of the four of us. Sis, if you’re reading this stop trippin’ cuz you know dern well it’s the good for honest truth. What’s funny is that people usually don’t even realize she’s being mean because she “sounds” so sweet and pleasant. Notice I said “sounds”! The approach is simple: make every word sound sweet and cheery and then walk away. It is funny to me how her work friends and other people think she’s just as sweet as pie but she not. Not in the least bit. LOL


This is Cheri Lynn. The middle child. The partner in unadulterated crime. The independent one. I feel Cheri is the sister I can say anything to and she responds without skipping a beat. I also feel like my sister is one of very few people in my world who doesn’t even have to know I’m upset and/or depressed without me even having to say anything to her, especially when she lived in California. I wish I could properly explain what I’m saying. No matter how angry I would be about something as soon as she would IM me on Google Talk my mood would change as instantaneously as I became angry. I have my Papa’s incredibly short temper fuse. Hence the reason I call her my ace boon coon.

Cheri and I have known each other literally our whole lives. We had similar classes from kindergarten to high school. LOL I think senior year only three out of eight classes I could be exaggerating were different. I think that’s when we really started becoming the best of friends. Yes we both have (and had) other friends, some of which are as close to us as we are to each other but our friendship as well as some others has lasted through the ups and downs of becoming adults. that word makes my tummy curl for some reason

Fun facts: My sister and I are constantly laughing and being silly. In the thirty-something years I have known her, I can honestly say our relationship is full of crazy weird moments and has never at all been a dull moment. Two of the funniest being: #1 – Cheri and I don’t even have to speak to know what the other person is thinking. Yes we do crazy Jedi mind tricks all the time! We could be in mid conversation and all of a sudden stop talking completely. Just as a picture is worth a thousand words so are the non-verbal facial clues exchanged between my sister and I. Please keep in mind this only happens when we’re together which unfortunately is pretty rare. BUT as rare as that is, we still manage to somehow stay on the same wavelength. #2 – My sister and I are extremely violent and troublesome. As if those two words have never been uttered together. Lemme explain… Truth be told, my sister and I have mean streaks no one in their right mind should tango with. Please believe we DO warn people of said meanness but I suppose we look nicer than most would think.


Amy Jo

This is Amy Jo. The baby. The little mommy. Amy and I hadn’t even started elementary when we met. She doesn’t remember this and I’m not sure how I do but I met Amy on Election Night when we were four. The community center in Pledger used to serve as a polling station when we were kids. I think we may have been with our moms or grandparents. I don’t remember. I just know we were playing while we waited for the “adults” to finish. I have to be honest about my friendship with Amy. We haven’t always been as close as we are today. To me, when you’re kids you really don’t know who is going to be your friend after high school, in and after college or for the rest of your life. Sometimes you grow apart from the friends that you have in high school. You go in different directions, meet different people and find out later you really don’t have anything in common anymore. Thankfully this wasn’t the case with Amy and me.

I’m really very happy we managed to remain friends and even got closer over the past five or six years. It was around Christmas time in 2008. I remember Amy was in the hospital for if I remember right complications with diabetes. I was supposed to go to Atlanta for Alpha Phi Omega National Convention but my car snarky Lil Bitch decided she wasn’t having that and prevented me from traveling that year. During that same week, I found out Amy had gone into the hospital. It was rough because even though at the time we were not really all the close the thought of losing one of my oldest friends really struck a chord with me. Thankfully, she pulled through. She may not have perfect health but she’s here with us so that’s all that matters. In fact, she married my brother in law Tommy in August 2011, had my niece Miracle Ann in January 2012 and my nephew Grant Marion in December 2012. My sister has been a little busy. LOL But you know I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of her family and watch her beautiful kids grow up.

Fun Fact: Amy is one of the absolute sweetest people I have ever met in my life. I just warn you that my sister is crazy when you piss her off. She looks sweet and innocent in the picture above but if someone crosses her the wrong way, well I feel sorry for you. Trust me… it’s not a pretty sight.


Thanks for reading…


The Southern Yankee

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