Day 2: Something You Love About Yourself

So three days ago I started this 30 Days of Truth writing challenge in an effort to jump start my passion for writing again. And while initially thought this would be easy and that able to knock out posts like I take shots, I have to say I think I should just stick to take shots. Don’t get me wrong. I believe God and I agree writing is something I should do for a very long time. It’s helped me get through so many “rough patches” in my life. It has allowed me to “keep calm and let go” of the majority of shit that has happened to me and around me. But JESUS this challenge here is going to really cause me to think outside of my happy little emotion filled rollercoaster of a box.

So with that said, it is now Day 2 of the 30 Days of Truth challenge. Today’s topic is: Something you love about yourself. Now anyone who knows me I’m not one to sing all kinds of praises about myself. I sometimes think I am incapable of complimenting myself. I compliment and play nice with others but me myself and I don’t get along. I’m my worst critic and above all I am the first person to “talk shit” to myself. So imagine my predicament when I started to really think about what I LUV about myself. After two hours of driving yesterday, I settled on two things I really love about myself.

#1 – I am the type of person who loves to continuously learn new things.

I consider myself pretty smart. Maybe not Albert Einstein or George Washington Carver smart but I think for being as scatter-brained as I can be sometimes okay maybe a little more than sometimes I can hold my own on a variety of topics but if I don’t know anything about a topic or can’t bullshit my way through (which if I do say so myself I am pretty good at) I’ll at least do my due diligence to read or learn more about the topic for next time. I think being an only child in a family full of black Southern Baptist adults who did not understand “because I said so” was not an adequate answer for an inquisitive child. Yes I was this kid. Nonetheless, I enjoy reading and watching documentaries about other people, lifestyles, cultures, foods, science, history (even though history classes are not my forte), politics, religions, careers (especially my own), etc.

#2 – I can cook!!!

I may not be Chef Cat Cora, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli or Ms. Paula Deen but I DO know my way around a kitchen and can throw down! I suppose the fact that everyone in my family can cook they asses off helps me greatly. My Grandpa Latimer (God rest his soul) and my uncle (my mother’s youngest sibling) are trained chefs. Even though I never had the pleasure of eating any of his dishes, I am pretty sure my grandfather was a whiz in the kitchen. My uncle, on the other hand, is the reason why I have such an elaborate sweet tooth. The man is a genius when it comes to pastries; however, I do not have his genius pastry chef capabilities. I can bake but not as well or from scratch like he can.

Nevertheless, I am a fantastic little chef. I love trying new as well as putting new spins on family recipes. I wish I could say that most of my experiments in the kitchen work in my favor. which is why cayenne pepper and I are NOT besties! I also wish I ate most of things I can cook. Here let me explain. Before my mom and I moved into our own house, we lived with my maternal grandparents, which is where I learned how to cook. Grandma cooked a variety of foods. I learned how to cook these foods and could/can make them well; however, I didn’t/don’t like to eat them. Many conversations with my friends typically go as follows:

My friends: how the hell do you call yourself black if you don’t eat __________ (insert a random dish you would find in a Southern black family’s home here)?

Me: I dunno! I just don’t like it.

My friends: but you can cook ______________ (again insert a random dish you would find in a Southern black family’s home here)

Me: sho can and you will love it!!!

My friends: *blank stare* coupled with a nasty *side eye*

Me: shut up bitches and eat!

My friends: nom nom nom nom

So what is something or things you love about yourself? Leave a comment and lets discuss.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

One thought on “Day 2: Something You Love About Yourself”

  1. This was fantastic! It made me laugh, and I loved learning about your family and getting a little bit of your story here. I love that I can cook too… but I think my baked goods are better than my savory stove top or oven creations.

    Nice job! 🙂


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